The Ultimate European Drinking Game Guide

Did you know that there are other drinking games besides Beer Pong? Here are five drinking games that can be found throughout Europe.
1.      Cheers Governor:This is basically a counting game; you count from one to seventeen (one person saying “one” the second person saying “two” etc.) and if you make a mistake you drink. The twist is that there are different rules for different numbers. For example, the numbers 7 and 14 are always switched, (…5…6…14…8…etc).  Once the number seventeen is reached, everybody screams “Cheers Governor,” and drinks.  If you were number 17, you get to make up a new rule.  You can make the number 6 into “chocolate cake,” making the count go like this (…4…5…chocolate cake…14…8…etc.).  The game ends when all the numbers have assigned rules to them and you get to seventeen again.  The final count should be something ridiculous like (rat…blue…7…11…heaven…chocolate cake, 14 …etc.).  Based on the name, you can guess where this game originated.
2.      Liars Dice: All each player needs to play this game is a cup and three dice (you need at least two players). The whole game is based around deception and bidding. All players roll their dice under their cup, see their score, and then bids are made about the amount you rolled.  If you rolled a 10, that’s your highest bid. However, you can lie and bid 14 if you’re a good liar. If you get called out on your 14 bid that was a lie, you have to drink. The person with the lowest score or gets called out lying drinks.  This game is very popular in France.
3.      Centurion:  This United Kingdom based game should not be played if you are an inexperienced drinker. The one rule to this game is that one must take a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. Again, if you are not a big drinker, you might want to sit this one out. If you can survive the 100 shots without passing out, you win. There can be multiple winners in this game.
4.      Battleship:  This game was said to have originated in Spain because of the sinking of the Spanish Armada; the truth of this is unknown though.  All you need is big bottle of your favorite beer, the cap of that beer, and a group of friends.  How the game is played is that you fill up an empty cup full of beer, and then float the cap on top of the beer (the cap should be floating on top of the beer upside down). Once this is accomplished, one by one, you have to add one drop of beer onto the cap.  If your drop sinks the cap, you have to drink the cup of beer.
5.      Buffalo: The origins of this game are unknown.  The rules of Buffalo are very simple; you can only drink with your non-dominant hand, and you call out anyone who isn’t doing so.  If you are caught drinking with your dominant hand, someone will scream, “Buffalo” at you, and you have to finish the drink in your hand as fast as possible.  If you are drinking to slow, everyone who is playing the game must chant, “BUFFALO! BUFFALO! BUFFALO” until you finish your drink.  If you get accused of drinking with the wrong hand, and you are actually drinking with the correct hand, you can rebuttal with, “False Buffalo,” meaning that the accuser must finish the drink in his or her hand as fast as possible.  Many people will apply these rules anywhere, even if you aren’t drinking beer. This is a fun, inside joke type of game to learn and play with your friends.     Start planning your fun-filled Euro trip on Utrip.

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