Unique Dining in Europe You Must NOT Miss

By Griffin Smith

While burgers and fries are fine most days, sometimes you want a dining experience that is more memorable to go along with all the beautiful European sights you are seeing. These five restaurants all have something that makes them stand out and will leave you with an experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

1.     Hofbräuhaus RestaurantMunich

Hofbräuhaus Restaurant, Munich

This beer hall is one of the oldest and most famous in a city famous for its old beer halls. When enter you will be seated at one of the long tables that have been sitting in the dining room for over 100 years. Make sure to look at all the carvings on the tables that have accumulated over the years before your food gets to you.

2.     De KasAmsterdam

De Kas is all about going natural. All the food served is grown in the greenhouses owned by the restaurant. Diners at De Kas eat in a glass conservatory that also looks like a greenhouse, but luckily it has air conditioning to keep customers cool.

3.     La Baracca – Munich

Walking into La Barraca is like stepping into the future of eating out. At La Barraca customers are given a card that will let them operate touch screens at their table, allowing them to order food, wine, or even the same table setting the restaurant uses.

4.     GilgameshLondon

This huge restaurant is one that specializes in excess. The intricately carved grand staircase and elaborately painted ceiling greet diners as they walk in. The décor does not get any less impressive when diners get to their table, as everything is covered in mother of pearl and beautiful artwork.

5.     ArchipelagoLondon

Archipelago is for those who have as adventurous tastes in cuisine as they do in travel. While the restaurant is decorated with items from all over the world, the menu boasts some of the most diverse items to be found in Europe. Diners can eat items as exciting as crocodile, kangaroo, or zebra at this London based restaurant.

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