4 of The Best Chocolate Shops in Europe

4 of The Best Chocolate Shops in EuropeEuropean chocolate rolls are like European fashion – light-years ahead of what we have in the states. From London to Berlin chocolate shops that Willy Wonka would envy craft their avant-garde creations. Here’s a list of the best chocolate shops in Europe.

1.     Salon du ChoclatParis

Salon du Choclat - 4 of The Best Chocolate Shops in Europe
The Salon du Choclat is a major chocolate exhibition that takes place from late October to early November. This event is perfect for chocolatiers searching to share their passion, cocoa growers who want to feature their finest supplies, and chocolate lovers alike who desire a taste of the world’s finest chocolates. The Exhibition features the Charles Proust Competition, where pastry chefs are invited to develop a visually breathtaking and delicious chocolate dessert. Various chocolate awards are also presented throughout the week to the best chocolatiers and most remarkable chocolates in the world. Besides these events, there is also an elaborate chocolate fashion show where famous fashion designers team up with talented chocolatiers to create amazing chocolate couture. 

2.     Montezuma’sLondon

Montezuma's Chocolates - 4 of The Best Chocolate Shops in EuropeLocated on Brushfield Street in London, Montezuma’s features luxury handmade chocolate bars, truffles, and even gifts such as an array of advent calendars. Montezuma’s offers visitors every type of chocolate bar from simple milk chocolate to white chocolate with cranberry and almond, dark chocolate with dates, walnuts, and pecans, and dark Ecuadorian chocolate with marzipan and cherry.  However, the eclectic chocolate experience does not end there; visitors can also purchase sipping chocolate, which is organic and much richer and thicker than the everyday hot cocoa.  Despite its innovation, Montezuma’s offers its products at reasonable prices and even dresses up its goods in cute jars, bags, and ribbons, making a treat from Montezuma’s the perfect little gift.

3.     Cocoa AtelierDublin

Cocoa Atelier - 4 of The Best Chocolate Shops in EuropeUpon first view you may be tricked into thinking that Cocoa Atelier is a fashion boutique. However upon further inspection, you will realize that the high class, bright, and fresh packaging of the products on the shelves actually holds a variety of varied chocolates, caramels, and macaroons. This Dublin based chocolate shop sells chocolate with 30% to 70% cocoa content, making their products very rich, but not too heavy. Some of Cocoa Atelier’s most interesting products include chocolate chili ganache, caramel and butter sauce, rose and cherry macaroons (which can be customized for special events), and even recently added ice creams.

4.     Fassbender & RauschBerlin

Fassbender & Rausch - 4 of The Best Chocolate Shops in EuropeFassbender & Rausch, one of the biggest chocolate houses in the world, features an extensive array of perfectly crafted chocolates for any occasion. Handmade truffles, pralines, and other chocolate delicacies line the golden walls of this chocolate emporium, while bricks of rich fudge, glistening marzipan, and assorted sauces fill a plethora of glass shelves. Besides the mesmerizing treats, various chocolate models such as the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Reichstag, and Titanic, are more than likely to catch every guest’s attention.
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