6 of the Most Haunted Places in Italy

Italy is one of the world’s oldest nations and its long history has produced a dark side to discover. If you’re in the mood for a ghost hunt, venture to any or all of these haunted places in Italy.


The Colosseum

The Haunted Colosseum - Haunted Places in Italy

As you might imagine, the Colosseum is not only considered one of the most haunted places in Italy, but it is also one of the most haunted places on Earth. Known for its history of death and torture, it is no wonder the ghosts of past gladiator battles trod the remnants of this ancient entertainment venue. Workers and visitors report hearing whispering through the underground halls late at night, hearings swords clash together, feeling cold spots, and they have even been pushed and shoved by the present “spirits”. Even animal noises, such as the growling of lions and tigers who killed humans and who were killed for entertainment, are said to echo through the Colosseum.


As a city with immense history, Venice is one of the nation’s most haunted cities. Two locations in particular are truly disturbing.

Palazzo Dario


Photo Iain Simpson via flickr

Located on the edge of the Grand Canal, the castle Ca’Dario is known as one of Venice’s most frightening buildings. The structure itself is an architectural masterpiece, but do not let the façade fool you. Ever since it was built in the 15th century, over 13 individuals who either owned or lived in the building were murdered, died in suspicious accidents, or committed suicide. However if you’d like to try and break the curse, the castle is currently for sale.


Povegila - Haunted Places in Italy

This island served as the mass grave for hundreds of thousands of people who died during the black plague. Though most that were brought here had already died, sometimes those on the verge of death were brought here and buried alive, burned to death, or simply left to die over time. Years later, an experimental doctor built a large facility on the island where he attempted all sorts of torturous therapies on an unimaginable number of unfortunate souls. He eventually committed suicide. The land still holds a church, a hospital, an asylum, a prison and a bell-tower. After being abandoned for years, an Italian businessman bought the island in 2014 and plans to restore the properties and open them back up to the public. Those who have set foot on it report hearing tormenting screams and cries.


Hotel Burchianti

Hotel Burchianti - Haunted Places in Italy

If you’d like to step up your ghost hunting game, why not stay at one of the nation’s most haunted hotels? Hotel Burchianti was once a popular place to stay for artists, musicians, and politicians of the early 20th century. It is beautifully decorated, and if I had not researched, I would never have known it was haunted. However, this hotel appears to be the real life version of “The Shining”. Guests claim they see apparitions of children skipping and frolicking through the halls, and even an eerie phantom-like woman sitting, knitting, in a rocking chair. However, the worst place to be in the hotel is in the Fresco Room. Here guests feel as if they are “being watched”, feel the sensation of an icy breath on their faces, and some have even seen the ghostly figure of plink glowing man. What may be one of the scariest parts about this room is that fascist dictator Benito Mussolini once stayed in it.


Lucedio Abbey

Lucedio Abbey - Haunted Places in Italy

The story goes that in the late 1600’s, the devil came into the dreams of young girls in Turin, seduced them, and compelled them to visit the monks of Lucedio Abbey. Here they corrupted the abbey and converted the monks and other religious figures to Satanism. Following the conversion, cases of child molestation, homicide, torture, and evil rituals ensued. It was not until 100 years later that the Pope caught wind of the happenings and shut the abbey down. The building still stands today, as do some of the frightening devices and monuments erected within it. In the “Judgment Room”, where monks decided the fate of many, stands a pillar called the “weeping pillar” for the inexplicable water it generates. It is believed that the pillar “cries” because of all the shame and abuse it has witnessed. Though the current owners try to downplay the hauntings inside, any local would tell you they refuse to go anywhere near the abbey.


Capuchin Catacombs

Capuchin Catacombs - Haunted Places in Italy

Utterly disturbing. Originally used by the monks of the Capuchin monastery, these catacombs eventually became a status symbol for those allowed inside. Today more than 8,000 mummy-like bodies line the long, dark halls of the catacombs. The bodies were divided up into categories: Men, Women, Children, Virgins, Professionals, Priests, and Monks. Though most of the bodies are propped up against the walls, laying down on shelving, or resting in coffins, others have been placed in particular positions. For example, the corpses of two children were placed next to each other in a rocking chair, as if they were playing. Some bodies are suspended on the walls, and others are displayed in glass cases. If you choose to visit this site, you will also view the specially embalmed corpses of some children and adults, which have caused them to appear still alive, but sleeping. People have reported feeling cold spots, and hearing voices and laughter throughout the catacombs.

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