33 Exceptionally Useful Italian Phrases

Make your trip easier- keep these useful Italian phrases on hand when traveling to Italy. Italians are usually very friendly and will appreciate the effort that you took to learn a little bit about their culture. They might even treat you to their homemade limoncello if you’re lucky.
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When introducing yourself

            -Hello/Goodbye = Salve/Ciao
            -Good morning/afternoon = Buongiorno / Buonpomeriggio
            -Good evening = Buonasera
            -My name is…. What is your name? = Mi chiamo….Come si chiama?

When dining

            -Please, a table for (two/four) = Per favore, un tavolo (per due/per quattro)
            -Is there a children’s menu? = C’e un menu per i bambini?
            -What would you recommend? = Cosa ci consiglia?
            -Can I have another knife/spoon? = Potrei avere un altro coltello/cucchiaio?

While in transit

            -Here is my passport = Ecco il passaporto
            -I would like to rent a car = Vorrei noleggiare una macchina
            -Two round trip tickets to (city), please = Due biglietti di andata e ritorno per (city), per favore
            -How long does it take to get to (city)? = Quanto tempo ci vuole per arrivare a (city)?
            -When is the next plane to (city)? = Quando parte il prossimo aereo per (city)?

If you have a health issue

            -Where can I find a doctor? = Dove si trova un dottore?
            -Where is the closest pharmacy? = Dov’è la farmacia più vicina?
            -I feel sick = Ho la nausea

When shopping

            -How much? = Quanto costa?
            -Excuse me (To ask for something) = Scusami
            -Can I try/taste this one? = Posso provar/assaggiar lo?
            -Can you help me? = Potresti aiutarmi?

When you go out

            -I would like something to drink = Vorrei qualcosa da bere
            -Do you accept credit cards? = Accettate carte di credito?
            -Would you like to dance with me? = Vuole ballare con me?

When you cannot understand

            -I do not understand = Non capisco
            -Can you please write it down? = Puoi scriverlo, per favore?
            -How do you say…. in Italian? = Come si dice… in italiano?
            -Do you speak English? = Parli inglese?

If you are in trouble

            -Leave me alone! = Lasciami in pace!
            -Help! = Aiuto!
            -Call the police = Chiama la polizia!
What other phrases do you find helpful when traveling? 

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