Best New Year’s Eve Parties

You’ve been waiting for this all year. Now without further ado, 5 European cities where the party doesn’t stop‘til the moon becomes the sun in a new year.

5. Barcelona: What better way to spend New Years Eve than on the beach under the stars, a couple drinks in your hand, that special someone on your arm? In Barcelona, the home of true 24 hour party people, things don’t really get started until after midnight. Take an evening siesta or grab some tapas to fuel your run. Wait ‘til the 12 bells toll the witching hour, then follow the lead of the locals and bolt down 12 grapes (one for each bell) to kick off the new year under an auspicious star. Now you’re ready to hit the clubs in Plaça de Catalunya and Las Ramblas, nowhere better if what you seek is to get lost in a crowd of people. As night gives way to morning, make your way towards the sea. Skip the crowded clubs. Instead bring yourself and the one you love to the beach. As the sun comes up, on its heels the new year, you’ll be reminded, all that counts is the here and now.

Photograph by Yonajon
4. Amsterdam: O.K, we get it, the upshot of getting wasted is that moment of absolute, perfect renewal. A new, stronger you reborn from the ashes of your hangover. Luckily there’s a place on this planet where everyone feels the same way. Start the night on the bank of the Amstel River. As fireworks paint the sky you’ll be reminded of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ (we hope). Make your way to one of the open air parties on the Museumplein or Nieuwmarkt and let the easygoing, ‘let it be vibe’ slowly become a part of you.  Along the way stop for some Friet and Mayo, on this night of no regrets, rest easy, you’ll burn it all off later. Of Course, New Years in Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without some hardcore clubbing. We recommend you skip the endless lines at Jimmy Woo and the other trendy conglomerates. Instead spill your drink to the pulsing bass of electro-trance music at Studio 80. When the need to dance or rage or whatever it is you do, has abated, it’s time to sit back with a pack of zig-zags and a bag of green at your coffee shop of choice to calm down.
Photography by Gia Vasilevska
3. Paris: The city of lights will have you crying out ‘Paris je t’aime’ before the night is done. We hope you find your way to the Champs-Élysées. Hold the one you love close as fireworks paint the sky under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Sometimes life really is like a movie.
Photograph by StevenErat
2. Prague: Prague is like the woman of your dreams, she only grows more beautiful as the weather outside gets colder. Let beauty be the backdrop for your celebration as you embark on an epic pub crawl through these cobbled streets. Or just let the spirit of the city move you, only be sure you’re in firm possession of at least a couple gold bottles.
Photograph by donald judge
1. Berlin: There’s only one wilder New Years party (we’re pretty sure it’s at Kanye West’s house). And since you’re not getting in there unless you happen to know G4 pilots on a first name basis, we’ll go with the one you’re just as likely to never remember. Fondly known to Berliners as, Sylvester, Dec. 31st is one big excuse to let it go. You may have heard mention of the ‘party mile’ (always in some dark room, immediately chased reverently by 3 shots of vodka), the world’s largest open air party stretches a mind-bending 1.2 miles from the famous Brandenburg gate all the way to the Victory column.  There’s a gamut of clubs and bars, beer and food tents and over a million revelers in various states of fadedness to stumble through it. If you’re still standing for the fireworks and laser finale you’ve either mastered your AA steps better than any previous mortal or you can hold your liquor at least as well as Hemingway. If someplace where drunken tourists can’t vomit on your jacket sounds more appealing take the party down to Berghain, Europe’s most famous nightclub located in a renovated power station.
Photograph by Spreng Ben
Photograph by bby_
Important Disclaimer: Utrip does not endorse irresponsible and or ill-considered/asinine behavior. However, we do want you to have an incredible New Years celebration and so would love to assist you in planning a trip to one of these or any other of our featured destinations.                                        
Where would you travel to for a memorable New Year’s Eve?

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