Welcome to the New Utrip

Dear Utrippers,

Almost two years ago we set out on a journey to reinvent the leisure travel experience. Today, I am jubilant and overjoyed to share our latest product with the traveling public. Please enjoy the update below, share it with your friends, and keep checking in. We are continually improving our system and growing our destination offerings. If you have any thoughts or feedback please email us at ideas@utrip.com; every email to this address is directly forwarded to me and I would love to hear from you.


The New Utrip

It is hard to believe that only seven short months ago our Beta product hit the web. We at Utrip could not be more thrilled with the result. With your help and support Utrip has already planned over 10,000 trips, interacted with tens of thousands of people throughout the world, and even helped some newlyweds to bring their honeymoon dreams to life.

Over the past seven months we have been listening to Utrippers like you and have been blown away by the love and enthusiasm our users have for Utrip and their passion for personalized travel. We have taken your feedback to heart and are overjoyed to announce the launch of Utrip 1.1!

This Wednesday morning Utrip 1.1 will be available for the world to see and for travelers to utilize for their personalized travel adventures. Utrip 1.1 will include:

  • New Destinations – Madrid, Florence, Lisbon, Granada and more!
  • AI Algorithm 1.1 – including the latest in personalization and optimization to plan ever better trips for our Utrippers.
  • Brand new trip functionality, new venues throughout Europe, and an inspiring new blog.
  • Featured Trips – an exhilarating new way to plan a trip. Our most exciting addition brings together our Global Network of Local Experts to combine the best of local human expertise with artificial intelligence.

At Utrip it is our goal to help every person travel and discover the world for themselves. And to continue to grow we need your help. On Wednesday morning please share our facebook page with your friends, please forward our press release to your family, and most importantly please check out all the exciting new stuff on Utrip.com.

I want to thank you on behalf of the entire Utrip team and as always I wish you safe travels,


Gilad Berenstein   Chief Executive Officer, Utrip


PS – Stay tuned to our blog and twitter every Monday to find out about the release of new destinations and featured trips to come each week.

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