Middle Eastern Adventure: Escaping Death in Jordan – Part 2

This is the second part of our Middle Eastern adventure. If you didn’t catch it last week, here is the first part of the story: How we escaped death in Jordan.

The trucks slowed to a crawl when they were about 30 feet away and finally came to a stop about 20 feet away from us. The lights were left on when the engines were killed. We could hear the doors open but couldn’t see much, the doors then slammed and six silhouettes emerged; backlit by the headlights we couldn’t see much and what we did see I personally wasn’t too excited or surprised by. Three of the silhouettes had large assault rifles, and it was completely clear to me at this point that those silhouettes would be the last I would see. I think this was one of the times I was closer to peeing myself.

Then one of them spoke and in a quiet inviting voice asked, “Is everything ok?” How would we respond to this? We were ok for now, I mean we hadn’t been killed yet. I spoke up and told him we were. He approached and then the light shown on him enough for us to see he was in a Jordanian border patrol uniform.

I was overjoyed, to say the least, to live another day.

He walked up to us and was a very friendly guy who explained that they were just border guards ensuring that travelers were safe. He was utterly confused by why we were sleeping in the middle of the desert. I explained to him that we were just travelers who preferred the desert breeze over the wind of a ceiling fan, and the pebbles and sand of the desert floor over the mattresses and sheets of a hotel. He looked at me like I might just be the craziest person in the world. So I told him it was cheaper to sleep outside. He seemed to understand that well enough. We invited them to sit with us for a cup of tea.

We were always ready to bust out the tea making materials and become friends with anyone. We sat with these six guys. Yoni and I sat on top of our sleeping bags and they on the dirt. There wasn’t much to say at 1:30am, the air was still and silent and we sipped our tea slowly. Our adrenaline had finally lowered when they left at 2:00am.

Another successful day of travel had ended.

Keep traveling. Keep exploring. Keep experiencing.

Jordan Desert

Where we ended up crashing at night.

Camping in a Jordan desert

What it looked like in the morning.

Muhammad came to drive us in Vadi Ram the next day

Muhammad came to drive us in Vadi Ram the next day.

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