A Day in Seville: Memories for A Lifetime

By Michelle Dryjanski

Plaza de Espana - A Day in Seville: Memories for A Lifetime

Traveling throughout Spain made me quickly fall in love with the country and all it has to offer. The variety of culture, art, history, food, and nightlife never ceased to amaze me. Let’s begin with a typical day and night in the South of Spain. When I arrived in Sevilla I was greeted with strong Spanish accents and beautiful, historical architecture surrounded by orange trees. Sevilla is famous for its flamenco, traditional tapas, and religious proceedings during Semana Santa.

Alcazar, Seville - A Day in Seville: Memories for A LifetimeThe day began with breakfast: a delicious café con leche and a small pastry. The cobble-stone streets were easy to navigate through as I went from site to site. The first stop was el Alcázar, or the royal palace. It is the oldest royal palace still in use today in Europe and it was fascinating to see how royalty once lived.


Alcazar, Seville - A Day in Seville: Memories for A Lifetime

Seville Cathedral - A Day in Seville: Memories for A Lifetime

Next, I headed to el Catedral de Sevilla, which still remains one of the most amazing churches I have seen in Europe. Once I had toured the inside (and saw Christopher Columbus’s tomb), I climbed up the 300 plus steps which brought me to the top of the church and a 360 degree view of Sevilla – a highlight of my visit. After that it was time for some tapas – patatas bravas (potatoes with a spicy dipping sauce), jamón serrano (cured ham), and queso de cabra con pan (goat cheese with bread) – a few of my favorites, along with a glass of tinto de verano had my stomach happy. Later I went to visit the bullring which was a must see, since the bullfights are a form of entertainment in certain parts of Spain. It was now the later part of the afternoon, or time for a siesta (nap), one of Spain’s most overlooked pleasures.

Seville Cathedral - A Day in Seville: Memories for A Lifetime

Locals’ Favorite Tapas Joints:

Bodega Santa Cruz

Bodeguita Casablanca

– Bodega Dos de Mayo


Alcazar, Seville - A Day in Seville: Memories for A Lifetime

A short siesta had me refreshed and relaxed, after a day of sight-seeing, and ready for a night out. The nightlife thrives in Spain and went something like this: I enjoyed a late dinner (tried the infamous paella and had some nice Spanish red wine) before heading to an authentic flamenco show, stopped at a few bars, mingled with the locals, and finally arrived at the last stop of the night, a club. Then I headed home (while others headed for breakfast after the club) when the sun was beginning to rise. Having these memorable experiences showed me life in a different way, exposing me to an array of different food, sites, people, and culture. Traveling has made me more open to different lifestyles and taught me more about life and myself.

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