Best Festivals and Events in Europe: May and June 2013

By Griffin Smith

Prague Beer Festival, Prague, May 16-June 1

Started in 2008 to showcase the best in Czech beer, this festival takes place over two weeks in three large tents. With over 80 different types of beer being served by people wearing traditional Czech dress, Prague Beer Festival is like a smaller, Czech version of Oktoberfest. When arriving early, admission is free and then you will be able to explore the best of Prague’s culinary and brewing traditions. Prague Travel Guide

Carnival of Cultures (Berlin Carneval), Berlin, May 17-20

Taking place over Pentecost weekend, this festival celebrates all the different cultures that coexist in Berlin throughout the year. With different cultural events taking place all over the city throughout the weekend there are plenty of things to do, see, and hear over the weekend. All of these people come together on Sunday for the grand street parade where people share both traditional and modern versions of their culture.  Berlin Travel Guide

Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco, May 23-26

One of the most famous racing events in the world, the Monaco Grand Prix takes Formula One to a whole new level as cars fly around the Circuit de Monaco. If you want to be able to watch the whole race a TV might suit you better, but to feel the sun in Monaco and the heat of the exhaust head to the French Riviera.  Monaco Travel Guide

Feast of St Anthony, Lisbon June 12-14

The Feast of St. Anthony is perfect for those that like to snack on sardines or are looking for love. In honor of the matchmaking saint, locals march a parade through the streets of Lisbon and then spend the rest of their time munching on different sardine dishes and participating in dating rituals. A fun side effect of all this matchmaking is that many couples get together to have mass marriages, which are then followed by large meals.  Lisbon Travel Guide

Sonar, Barcelona, June 13-15

An urban music festival that also happens to be one of the best music festivals in Europe, Sonar takes place every year over one weekend in June. Typically consisting of bands that are on the cutting edge of electronic music with some mainstays of the industry mixed in, this is a great festival for those looking to take in a music festival without having to camp out.   Barcelona Travel Guide

Feast of San Juan, Madrid, June 23

A night of feasting and bonfires is put together every year in Madrid to celebrate St. John the Baptist and the longest day of the year. With a mixture of Christian and pre-Christian rituals don’t be surprised to see something strange, such as locals jumping over small fires as an act of purification. While in Madrid make sure to find a public square and bonfire to take part in the revelry. Madrid Travel Guide

Verona Opera Festival, Verona, June 14-September 8

At this festivals see famous operas in all their beauty and on a stage unlike any other, a Roman arena. Spread out over weeks the performances are a stunning tribute to an art form with origins in Italy. The performances typically start as darkness begins to fall giving each performance an intimate atmosphere even with its grand staging.

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