10 Things to Bring Back from Your London Trip

As if you needed more reasons to visit London

1.     Cashmere Scarves

Inject a splash of flavorful color into your wardrobe with a new scarf, tie, jewel, or coat from Liberty. Looking for a gift for your loved ones? Score a celeb piece at the Burberry outlet near Angel station.

2.     Chocolate

Great gift idea. The Cadbury chocolate bars and eggs taste so much better from their source compared to the reformulated ones you can find in the US. Also try Aero, Wispa, and Jacob’s Mint Club!

3.     Brass Rubbings from St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Brass rubbings are created by laying a sheet of paper on top of a brass and rubbing the paper with graphite, wax, or chalk. Make a rubbing of medieval knights, your favorite monument in London, or let your creative juices flow and be inspired by popular British writers like Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare. Frame it and it’ll make a special home decoration.

4.     Tea from Whittard

It’s a chain teashop that has exquisite teas, iced and hot. They have a lovely selection of quality teas from all around the world, from oolong and flavored green to fruit infusions and flowering teas. Take a few drink samples of their house blends. Not a big tea drinker? They also have a great variety of coffee and hot chocolate that comes with creative flavors like strawberry, tiramisu, and salted caramel.

5.     Scone mix & treats

Stop at Fortnum & Mason if you’re feeling posh. Otherwise you can find scone mix at Marks & Spencer or at random cafes or tearooms. Classical English tins are great gifts too, and besides, anything that comes in a tin is just delightful. Be it chocolate biscuits or toffee crackers.

6.     Harrods annual Teddy Bear 

Beyond the annual teddy bear they also have giant 6-foot teddy bears available… but you probably won’t want to try and haul that home.

7.     Aspall Cyder

Organic British cider. The clear shiny golden beverage made from ripe apples is sweet but not too sweet. It finishes dry but makes a brilliant choice for those looking to wet their whistle.

8.     Toiletries

Floris, founded in 1730, is the oldest English fragrance retailer. Check out the contemporary flowery scents of the season in their London store on Jermyn Street. They also have a fabulous selection of men’s cologne.

9.     Clotted cream

Yeah, sure, you can probably find it in any medium-sized grocery or department store like Harrods and M&S. But a trip to Borough Market might just be worth it. You’ll find some of the best and freshest clotted cream to go with your homemade scones at Neal’s Yard Dairy or the nearby stalls in the market.

10.     Books – Mystery Novels

Vintage Penguin paperbacks and booklets. Audiobooks read by fantastic British actors with sexy accents. Charles Dickens will make for great company on your long international flight.

What souvenirs did you bring back from your London trip? Share with us below or on Twitter (@utrippers)!

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