5 Authentic Restaurants in Rome You Won’t Find in Your Guidebook

Perilli - 5 Great Restaurants in Rome

Big cities like Rome are always fun for the taste buds and to travel to. Our article, 5 Off the Beaten Path Restaurants in Rome received such a tremendous response, that we decided to share five more of our favorite dining destinations in Rome.

1.     Il Belli

Rome’s Prati neighborhood is lucky to have this stylish wine bar and steakhouse that serves a mean chateaubriand. Local carnivores relish the meaty dishes here, but the pasta-inclined will have a heyday, too. Try the tonnarelli garnished with proscuitto.

Il Belli in Rome - Authentic Restaurants in Rome

2.     Da Tullio

This historic restaurant retains a nostalgic appeal for the locals who frequent it and the tourists who stumble upon it. White-haired waiters serve thick slabs of beef and heaping plates of pasta along with large spreads of cured meats.

Da Tullio restaurant in Rome - Authentic Restaurants in Rome

3.     La Pace del Palato

Locals looking for a fine dining experience in central Rome look no further than this intimate classic. Truffles grace exquisite dishes of pasta, kissed with cream and parmigiano. On a warm Roman night, sit outside as friendly servers shower you with the flavors of Italy.

La Pace del Palato - Authentic Restaurants in Rome

4.     Il Tajut

Italy’s northeastern corner is represented at this wine bar near the Colosseum. The chef and owner cooks up a delightful mix of Friulian cuisine, which is characterized by its unique fusion of Italian, Austrian, and Balkan elements. Potato pancakes are topped with prosciutto, meaty goulash is sopped up with hearty dumplings, and pickled cabbage accompanies it all.

Il Tajut - 5 Authentic Restaurants in Rome

5.     Perilli

Still craving pasta? The rigatoni carbonara at Perilli is about as good as it gets. Complement it with a plate of Roman-style artichokes and you’ll feel ready to step into the Colosseum to battle man-eating lions.

Perilli - 5 Authentic Restaurants in Rome You Won't Find in Your Guidebook

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