Top 10 Celebrity Vacation Hot Spots for Summer

“It’s time for the good times

Forget about the bad times

One day to come together

To release the pressure

We need a holiday”

~Madonna – Holiday

St. Tropez

St Tropez in the summer -  Celebrity Vacation Hot Spots

The French Riviera conjures romantic notions. For some, it may be the image of a couple sailing out into the sunset atop the rippling blue water that reflects the colors of the sun in each wake. Others might imagine this same scene, except with Victoria and David Beckham as the couple. A star-studded summer vacation awaits at places along the French Riviera like St. Tropez – be it enjoying the clear sky or the many celebrities that can be seen.


Amsterdam canals -  Celebrity Vacation Hot Spots

For others, holiday destinations may be all about food and the countless summer festivals dedicated to it. The best celebrity you ever encounter may be the one who gives you a taste you won’t savor again. We hope everyone incorporates spots with acclaimed masters of the kitchen into their travel plan. In Amsterdam, the lobster rolls made by celebrity chef, Marc Murphy, at Ditch Plains will have people swooning for all of summer 2013.


Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Photo by Mandarin Oriental Hotel via Facebook

London is exceptionally good at treating royalty. Whether they’re shopping, or showing off in nightclubs, London is also known to bend to the royalty of popular culture­–those known as celebrities. Picture letting the sun slip away with your margarita from the rooftop bar at the Shoreditch House next to a sparkling pool and David Beckham or Emma Watson.

Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps

A couple months too late to see Kate Middleton’s baby bump traversing the snow of the Swiss Alps, you’ll still be glad you made it up to the “Roof of Europe” in 2013. The Swiss Alps offer breathtaking scenery of valleys and mountains, and a wealth of rivers and lakes. The Swiss Alps are an attractive option for those looking for something other than a beach vacation.


Milan high fashion

Forget Tom Cruise, while in Milan eyes are on the luxurious seams created by fashion empires. This Northern Italian city and popular holiday destination, is home to some of the biggest empires of fashion like Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Miuccia Prada, Missoni, and Dolce & Gabban just to name a few. Even through windows they look good.


Paris in the summer -  Celebrity Vacation Hot Spots

Share the same views with Beyonce and Jay Z, or Tom Cruise in Paris on your 2013 summer vacation. Whether it be from the top of the Eiffel Tower, where Tom Kat decided to be “together forever”, or from the Hotel Meurice overlooking the Tuileries Garden where the parents of Blue Ivy stayed, Paris lures in lovers of art, culture and history.


Monaco - Celebrity Vacation Hot Spots

If your idea of relaxation is contemplating the rich blue of the Mediterranean over a glass of expensive champagne, your travel plan has to include Monaco. The European Poker Tour, the Formula Monaco Grand Prix, and the Monte Carlo Rally bring in wealth that is willing to spend a pretty penny for a good time–lavish occasions that rival the extravagant and excessive parties of Jay Gatsby.


Santorini - Top Celebrity Vacation Hot Spots

Many celebrities will make the thousands of islands and roughly 190,000 beaches of Greece their holiday destinations in 2013. The islands of Skiathos, Mykonos, and Simis have seen the likes of Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Michael Douglas, and Naomi Campbell. They, like all others who visit here, come for the seclusion that is provided by the natural landscape.


Berlin party

Berlin offers some of the best nightlife among popular European destinations. With small to massive clubs pumping out the energy of thousands of fists, Berlin should be included in your summer travel plan if you want to mingle with people from all over the world. If you see celebs like Lady Gaga busting a move at a club where she’s been spotted, like Berghain, your friends are going to have to take your word for it, as no photo or video is allowed inside.


gondola ride in Venice

Many notable, reputable and notorious people have come to love Venice. Many notable, reputable and notorious people have come to love Venice. It’s no surprise, as the entire city, and the Venetian marsh that it rests on are World Heritage Sites. Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother enjoy drifting by the gothic, baroque, and renaissance architecture available to all on a gondola ride.

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