A Day and A Half in Palermo

By Griffin Smith

Making a quick trip to Palermo on your way to Florence and Rome? Here are some of our favorite suggestions that will allow you to experience Palermo in a short amount of time.

View of Mondello, Palermo - Quick Trip to Palermo

Day 1

Delicious Since 1944

12:00 pm

Start your trip with a traditional Italian meal at Ferro di Cavallo. Family owned and operated since the end of WWII this restaurant will let you start your trip with a full stomach and give you a taste of what Palermo has to offer.

Trattoria Ferro di Cavallo - Quick Trip to Palermo

An Italian Eden

3:00 pm

After your delicious lunch take a walk through the beautiful Orto Botanico di Palermo, the botanical gardens of Palermo. Here you will be able to enjoy both the sights and smells of rare and beautiful flowers.

Orto Botanico di Palermo - Quick Trip to Palermo

Fresh Seafood

6:30 pm

Once you are done enjoying the botanical gardens, head to Volo to let your taste buds revel in the best seafood the city has to offer. Try to get a seat on the outdoor terrace where your meal will be lit by glowing lanterns.

Volo Restaurant Palermo, Italy - Quick Trip to Palermo

Outdoor Social Hot Spot

9:00 pm

Grab a bottle of wine and head to Piazza Castelnuovo to drink and relax with the locals. If you get bored with that you can finish the wine and head to the nearby bars to mingle with music.

Day 2

Amazing Architecture

9:00 am

Start your morning by visiting a magnificent, architectural melting pot by seeing Palermo Cathedral. Besides the architecture there is a lot to see with access to the treasury of Royal objects as well as the Royal and Imperial tombs.

Palermo Cathedral - Quick Trip to Palermo

A Sicilian Street Market

11:00 am

At the Ballarò Market grab some lunch at one of the stalls and examine all the different wares for sale. Jump into this noisy market and get ready to haggle over the souvenirs that you are trying to buy.

Street market in Italy

Sicilian Sand

2:00 pm

Hit the beach at Mondello and take in some sun while watching the array of windsurfers fly over the water. Take time to soak in this magnificent beach.

Mondello Beach, Palermo

Casual, Friendly Dinner

6:30 pm

Spend your last night in Palermo choosing from tasty seafood, rich pastas, and 25 different styles of pizza. At Antica Trattoria del Monsu’ dine surrounded by friendly faces and old photographs.

Art and Alcohol

9:00 pm

Agricantus is a wonderful experiment in promoting ethnic diversity. Grab a drink at the bar and then head over to the stage or exhibition hall to experience art in all its forms.

Teatro Agricantus Palermo

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