12 Adorable Moments Captured While Traveling [Photo Blog]

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce. -Karl Lagerfeld

Couple kissing. Eiffel tower

Travelers know the importance of the selfie pic, as it proves that your off-center self was at the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, and the Brandenburg Gate. But one of the best parts of travelling abroad is the sheer amount of life that you’re exposed to on the ground; the picture of the man who sold you the best fish of your life, or the woman who had you laughing tears in a pub, tell an incredible and personal story of your journey. People everywhere are inspiring, creative – and quite often, simply adorable.

So turn your camera around, forget perfecting the selfie (it’s nearly impossible anyway), and snap a shot of the insanely adorable moments that are happening all around you. They’re some of the best memories to recount with folks back home, so get some documentation and visually share the love. From delightfully giddy toddlers enthralled with birds, to a man sweating romantic bullets on one knee, here are some of the travel photos that made even the hardest among us squeal at the cuteness.

1. Outside of the Pyramid – Musee du Louvre, Paris

Kids outside of Musee du Louvre. Pyramid Paris

2. An otter enjoying his lunch at London Zoo.

otter at London zoo

3. Kids hanging out at a public square in Madrid, Spain.

Young kids at public square in Madrid

4. This Italian chef in Venice let me sample the freshest calamari I have ever had… and then kissed me on the cheek. His kindness reminded me of family at home.

Italian chef

5.  Little girl in kimono playing in the sun in Tokyo, Japan

Japan little girl

6. Kitten rentals anyone? We’re not sure how these kitties ended up in the baskets of these rental motorcycles in Bangkok, Thailand.

Cute kitties in Bangkok, Thailand

7. Child, old lady and pigeons in the Duomo Square in Milan.

kids and pigeons in Milan, Italy

8. Rapperswil, Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland


9. Little girl’s first visit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Metropolitan museum of art

10. A romantic proposal at Durdle Door, Dorset, England.

romantic proposal at Durdle Door, Dorset, England

11. Little girl getting kissed by dolphins in Malta.

Dolphin kiss

12. In Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi, some barefoot children shared their tiny piece of chocolate the teacher had handed out to them with us.Read the full story on my visit to Dharavi here.

Holle wanted to see the Kumbharwada colony in Dharavi. So we went. Some people were very wary of cameras. Some weren't.

What are some of your fondest travel memories? Share with us in the comments below or tweet us @utrippers! We’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “12 Adorable Moments Captured While Traveling [Photo Blog]

  1. Hi, I was just searching the web for pictures of Durdle Door, Dorset, England ahead of us returning to celebrate our anniversary with our new baby.

    It was lovely to see the image on you 12 Adorable Moments and see the picture of our proposal on you list. It is a very special place for us and I’m really pleased you spotted it!

    Anna & Danny

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