Two And A Half Days in Culinary Paris

By Griffin Smith

Two and a Half Days in Culinary Paris

Paris is a city known for many things some of which being its numerous landmarks, its amazing art, and its trendsetting fashion. Another thing that Paris is well known for is its thriving culinary culture. Whether it is the perfectly seasoned escargot or the gourmet macarons, the Parisians have a reputation for crafting the finest delicacies. This two and a half day travel plan will take in the highlights of culinary Paris.

Day 1

Cheese Connoisseur

10:00 am

Cheese Connoisseur: Two and a Half Days in Culinary Paris

Start your trip to Paris with a visit to an expert in his field. At the stand of Philippe Langlet you will get to bask in the knowledge of a man who knows his cheeses. Langlet is a third generation fromager who grew up around cheeses and only sells the best.

A Meat Eater’s Dream

12:00 pm

Meat Lovers - Two and a Half Days in Culinary Paris

For those that would never allow themselves to be classified as vegetarians there is Boucherie Roulière. With a menu that is filled with steaks, veal, and pork chops, at this restaurant vegetables are almost always relegated to a side dish.

A Favorite of Julia Child

2:20 pm

This kitchenware emporium was a favorite of celebrity chef Julia Child and still is a favorite of chefs all over the world. At E. Dehillerin you can find anything you need to fill your kitchen from pots and pans to pastry molds and duck presses.

Mouth-Watering Macarons

4:30 pm

Pierre Hermé: Two and a Half Days in Culinary Paris

A favorite of both locals and travelers Pierre Hermé: Opéra makes treats for people of many tastes. You can find macarons, chocolates, and other desserts all made from the highest quality ingredients.

Fine French Dining

7:00 pm

At Le Violon d’Ingres you will get the traditional French meal you have been looking forward to, but this meal is anything but ordinary. Run by chef Christian Constant this restaurant will serve you dishes unlike those you have had anywhere else.

Paris Under the Stars

9:30 pm

Paris Under the Stars: Two and a Half Days in Culinary Paris

See what the nickname “The City of Lights” really means by visiting the Eiffel Tower by Night. After seeing the city find a spot in the grass in front of the tower and enjoy the twinkling of all the lights that make the tower shine.

Day 2

Days Worth of Museum

9:00 am

Le musée du Louvre: Two and a Half Days in Culinary Paris

To get a break from all the food (and calories) you could do a lot worse than one of the most famous museums in the world. Take a few hours and explore Le Musée du Louvre. No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Louvre.

Located Within the Louvre


Take a break from seeing all kinds of art and culture at the Louvre by visiting a wonderful café inside the museum. At Le Café Richelieu/Angeli you can get a coffee and pastry to recharge your batteries.

A Large Collection of Modern Art

2:00 pm

Once you have had your fill of French coffee and pastries head over to Centre Georges Pompidou one of the largest collections of modern art in Europe. After filling up on amazing looking dishes enjoy some amazing looking artwork.

A Wine Bar Since 1885

5:00 pm

After your day of enjoying fine artwork, stop at Taverne Henri IV and enjoy a glass of fine wine. At this serious wine bar the wines are purchased directly from vineyards meaning that the staff knows they are serving high quality glasses.

Delicious Seafood

7:25 pm

Fish La Boissonnerie: Two and a Half Days in Culinary Paris

As the name implies, at Fish (La Boissonnerie) travelers and locals alike dine on the best fresh seafood available in Paris. At Fish reservations are necessary because of both of its size and reputation.

Blow off Steam at the Bars

9:45 pm

Head over to Saint-Germain-des-Prés to visit some bars that have a more upscale feel with a relaxed atmosphere. Frequented most often by students and travelers there is a place for everybody in Saint-Germain-des-Prés Bars.

Day 3

Grassy Relaxation

9:00 am

Parc du Champ de Mars: Two and a Half Days in Culinary Paris

To start your last day in Paris head back over to the Parc du Champ de Mars and enjoy relaxing in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Take in the sights and sounds of the city one last time before heading home or on to your next adventure.

Your Last Meal

12:00 pm

At  you can eat a meal that you can die happy after. With a menu that changes almost monthly, the cuisine at La Cave Lanrezac is of the highest quality. To go along with your meal there are hundreds of bottles of wine to choose from.

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