Last Minute Labor Day Travel Ideas


Maybe you goofed and forgot to book a trip for Labor Day, or maybe you suddenly came into some free time and wanted to seize the opportunity. No matter- Utrip has taken a short break from our normal European trip planning to bring you some of our favorite North American locations to visit on a long weekend such as this. Whether you’re looking for some nature, unique locations, or trips that feel completely unlike home, check out this list of destinations that are ripe for Labor Day travel.

Get Away 

We’re all about getting out of town at Utrip, so take advantage of your holiday weekend and explore some different worlds that aren’t all that far away.

Montreal Quebec: Last Minute Labor Day Travel Ideas

Montreal, Quebec


It’s the only international item on this list, but Montreal’s proximity to the Northeast makes it accessible to US day trippers. The city will transport you into a French-yet-North American world, and almost make you forget that you didn’t cross an ocean to get there. Style, fashion, and culture are all available at a walk’s distance from wherever you stay- try Old Montreal and Notre Dame.

San Juan

Get a taste of the Caribbean without the need of a passport. This Spanish-speaking US territory spans a range of travel tastes, from the local life seekers to the luxury traveler. History, beaches, and shopping all await you- cross a cultural border without technically crossing a border.

Got Paid, Will Travel If you’ve been laboring hard and have some cash to spare, set out for these luxurious destinations.

Sonoma, CA: Last Minute Labor Day Travel Ideas

Sonoma, CA


Less name-brand recognizable than nearby Napa, Sonoma brings you all the best of wine country. A gorgeous natural setting flush with wine, horseback riding, spas and shopping, it has all the makings of a restful, romantic getaway.

Vegas (Vega$)

It’s the definition of splurge – need we say more? Shows, celebrity impersonators and actual celebrities, fine dining, and of course, the casinos. You don’t have to seek out the high-life in Las Vegas, because it will throw itself at you. Brunch all day, party all night.

Big City Deals Penny pinching this Labor Day? Many cities offer a huge array of free or nearly free events, provided you can find a place to stay- check outside the city limits for options.

Chicago, IL: Last Minute Labor Day Travel Ideas

Chicago, IL


Chi-town boasts an impressive number of events over Labor Day weekend, and many of them are budget friendly. Start with your family and kids at Millennium Park, and then perhaps spend the day relaxing on the lakefront, noshing at the Polish food festival, or engorging at the annual hot dog eating competition. Fireworks off of Navy Pier will cap off your visit.


The nation’s capital celebrates this national holiday in style. Check out the National Symphony at the US capitol, open rehearsals at the Kennedy center, or any of the Smithsonian museums for free. Labor Day brunch is also a tradition here, so book up early and join the fun.

Nature Needs If holiday weekends must also include an escape from cars, buildings, and noise, try these serene locations.

Olympic National Park, WA: Last Minute Labor Day Travel Ideas

Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic National Park

The park itself is bigger than the state of Rhode Island, so if you were worrying you’d be bored here, don’t. There’s all manner of tastes to be had in the Olympic National Park, from high octane adventure seekers, mild hikers who appreciate good views, and for those who’d prefer absorbing the natural setting in a cozy lodge. Plus, we love that it’s in Seattle, WA’s backyard, the city Utrip calls home.

Flagstaff/Grand Canyon

Nothing symbolizes the rugged nature of the southwest quite like the Grand Canyon. Its austere colors and sheer size have impressed generations of visitors, and the landscape is quite unlike that you’d see in any other part of the country. Learn about the many people who have called this area home, kick back in nearby Flagstaff, AZ, or just stare at the Canyon for 24 hours- we’re not here to judge.

Slightly Off the Beaten Path These wonderful, amazing cities have a lot to offer, but all too often aren’t considered prime US travel destinations. Change that.

Minneapolis, MN: Last Minute Labor Day Travel Ideas

Minneapolis, MN


For many, the Midwest doesn’t exactly scream “city living” – but those people clearly haven’t been to Minneapolis. Indulge yourself in the 3rd largest theater district in the nation, and partake in a food and coffee culture that is uniquely Minnesotan foodie. With family? You can’t go wrong with the broad appeal of the Mall of America- four floors of shopping, dining, and even an indoor theme park and aquarium.


Home to country, Elvis, and good Southern food, Tennessee will welcome you with classically open arms. Gospel music picnics by the river, the Delta Fair, and a tour of the King’s stomping grounds will introduce you to this distinct and wonderfully scenic part of the country. And if you didn’t try Memphis style BBQ before leaving, you’ll simply have to go back and do it again.

Portland, OR

Not to be confused with it’s northeastern name twin, Oregon’s Portland defines unbeaten paths as a category. A city dominated by food trucks, rose gardens, and the best microbrew beers around, your time in Portland will surely entertain. Walk the city, and then grab a book at Powell’s and while the day away.

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