Seven Stellar Seaside Stag Activities

Seven Stellar Seaside Stag Activities

You only get one stag (…hopefully), so you want to make it one to remember – for all of the right reasons of course! This is your one chance to have a day, night or full weekend completely centered on what you want. Take this opportunity to let loose, before one of the most important and special days of your life.

For those who are to be married in a coastal town, or would like to take a trip for their stag weekend, the seaside presents numerous opportunities for shenanigans, and sipping brews and enjoying the water with your buddies in the sun is a perfect way to end your bachelorhood.

If this sounds appealing to you then read on to discover what the party planning site Red7 Leisure has helped us curate- The best seaside adventures you should incorporate into your unforgettable bachelor party:


Coasteering: Seven Stellar Seaside Stag Activities

Take everyone by surprise with this daring activity. While coasteering, you and your friends will follow the gorgeous coastline. Along the way, you’ll climb and jump off cliffs, caves, and mountains and swim and dive into the deep blue. Forget your inhibitions and have an exciting day of adventure.

Utrip Suggestion

Palma: o2Adventures

Banana Boat

Banana Boat: Seven Stellar Seaside Activities

If you’ve never been on a banana boat before, then you are seriously missing out. Atop a giant inflatable banana, you’ll go for a wild ride pulled by a motorized boat. Yeah, it’s really goofy, but it’s also a ton of fun. See who can stay on longest-loser buys drinks.

Boat Party

Party Boat: Seven Stellar Seaside Stag Activities

Picture this… You feel the hot sun on your skin and your cold beer or cocktail in hand. Music is blaring and you smell the invigorating scent of the salty sea. You’re surrounded by your friends and beautiful women in swimsuits. You are at a party. On a boat. In the middle of the sea. Don’t you wish you were there right this instant? Different party boats offer a bunch of different options, including beach barbeques and swimming stops. Partying on a boat is sure to create unforgettable memories for you and your friends alike.

Surfing, Wind Surfing, Kayaking and Sailing

Surfing: Seven Stellar Seaside Stag Activities

If you’re looking to release some adrenaline, then you should try your hand at some water sports. Whether you have tried any, or all, there is something for everyone to enjoy at their own pace. So, why not challenge yourself to master some waves for the day? You’ll get to feed the appetite you’ll build up in the evening with some scrumptious surf and turf, and finish off with a night of party.    

Utrip Suggestions

Lisbon: Epic Surf School

Barcelona: Base Nautica Water Sport Rental

Jet Skiing

Jet Ski: Seven Stellar Seaside Stag Activities

Another exciting way to get some thrills is to rent jet skis. With jet skis, you’ll get a similar kick to surfing and other watersports, without wearing yourself out. Zoom around, create some waves and feel the fresh ocean breeze on your face.

Utrip Suggestions

Barcelona: Jet Ski Barcelona

Nice, France: Opera Plage Beach Club

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing: Seven Stellar Seaside Stag Activities

You don’t have to go wild every second of your bachelor party. Especially after a night of heavy drinking, deep sea fishing can provide you guys with some peaceful entertainment and bro-time. Compete against each other for the biggest catch, chill out with a few beers and take this as a chance to shake off any stress you’ve been holding onto.

Lounge on the Beach

Lounge on the beach: Seven Stellar Seaside Stag Activities

The beach is beautiful enough in itself to enjoy for part of your weekend, and there are plenty of clubs and resorts to cater to your relaxation and party needs. Stretch out in the sun, treat yourself to a massage and break it down at the parties offered nightly. Take this as a chance to wind down and mentally prepare yourself for the coming weeks.

Utrip Suggestions

Palma: Puro Beach

Monaco: Larvotto Beach

Valencia: Playa de la Malvarrosa

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