Must Eat British Foods in London You Can’t Miss

By Griffin Smith

London, one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, boasts iconic buildings, fabulous shopping, and plenty of entertainment. But one thing that this metropolis is not particularly known for is authentic, local food. Although many English dishes may have strange names and look like a jumble of ingredients, traditional English cuisine primarily consists of meats, vegetables, and potatoes, so you can’t really go wrong with these hearty dishes.

Here is a list of must eat British foods you can’t miss in London… regardless of their appearance.

1.     Yorkshire Pudding Roast beef and gravy served with a thick flaky crust

Yorkshire Pudding - Must Eat British Foods in London You Can't Miss

2.      Shepherd’s Pie Vegetables and minced meat baked in a crust, topped with mashed potatoes

Shepherd’s Pie - Must Eat British Foods in London You Can't Miss








*Tip: If you order ‘Shepherd’s Pie’, you’re ordering lamb, and if you order ‘Cottage Pie’, you’re ordering beef.

3.      Bubble and Squeak Made with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and peas and choice of meat, pan-fried with mashed potatoes until browned on each side

Bubble and Squeak - Must Eat British Foods in London You Can't Miss

4.      Bangers and Mash Simply sausages and mashed potatoes

Bangers and Mash - Must Eat British Foods in London You Can't Miss

*Fun Fact: Sausages were called ‘bangers’ during wartime because they were so filled with water that they often exploded when fried.


5.      English Breakfast– Eggs, bacon, sausages, bread, mushrooms, baked beans, tomatoes

English breakfast - Must Eat British Foods in London You Can't Miss

6.      Semolina Pudding– Creamy pudding served with raisins and jam

Griessbrei - Must Eat British Foods You Can't Miss


7.      Fish and Chips Fried fish with French fries

Fish and chips - Must Eat British Foods You Musn't Miss

8.      Tea Time Finally, a list of authentic English cuisine wouldn’t be complete without the mention of tea–the United Kingdom is the largest per capital tea consumer in the world. Tea is usually served black with milk, not cream. To go alongside your hot cup of tea grab a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream and indulge as the British do.

English breakfast - Best British Foods







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