Currency Cards: The Next Big Thing For Travelers

By: Daniel Abrahams of MyTravelMoney


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Would you like to save up to 10% on your next holiday or weekend away? Of course you would. And the best bit? There are absolutely no strings attached.

If you are currently exchanging currency using your local bank or at the airport bureau de change, you could be spending more than you need to for your foreign currency. A prepaid currency card, on the other hand, could make your dollars go further… and that applies to credit card and debit card travelers too! 

Why Choose A Preloaded Currency Card For Your Travels

Prepaid currency cards have become more and more popular with travelers looking to get the best deal on their foreign currency exchange. When the offers on the high street or at the airport are just not cutting it, a currency card is a wise choice.

Getting your hands on a currency card is simple and there are many providers offering these services online. Simply apply for your card, load it up with the currency of your choice and you are good to go. Prepaid cards work exactly the same as a debit card – the difference is that you are not dipping into the money in your current account. This also reduces the risk of fraud and could also stop you from overspending.


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Spend your savings on something rich in culture, like an opera at the Vienna State Opera House

What About The Charges?


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Justify that amazing souvenir you know you’ll want to bring back

The great thing about most prepaid currency cards is that the charges are minimal or non-existent. It pays to shop around for the best deals, and this is easily done online using a currency exchange comparison site. The reassurance you’ll have while using your card feels amazing. You’ll also be delighted when you return home without a nasty bank statement full of extortionate charges.

Whether you are traveling across the US or overseas, using a prepaid currency card can save you money and give you total peace of mind that you got a good deal. Again, a comparison site will give you lots of useful information so that you can make a sensible and informed decision. 

There is one thing to watch out for, however. Whilst it is free to use your prepaid card for purchases, you could incur an ATM fee if you use them to withdraw cash. Most exchange rate comparison sites will give you the lowdown on any charges you might incur.

The Prepaid Currency Card And Cash Combo

Many travelers like to have the reassurance that only cold, hard cash can give them. In these instances, the airport and bank are best avoided at all costs. Online exchange bureaus, on the other hand, offer exchange rates that are close to the interbank rate—giving you a great deal.

Again, if you do want to exchange your dollars for foreign currency, the exchange rate comparison site is your friend. A quick check of the latest rates will give you the best idea of when to exchange and how to make your money go much further.

About the author:
Daniel Abrahams is an entrepreneur, personal finance blogger & Co-Founder of MyTravelMoney – an award winning travel money comparison website. Daniel also mentors tech startups at ABC Startups. You can follow Daniel on Twitter


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