Portugal, A Foodie’s Paradise

We’re happy to bring you this guest post from our Utrip Lisbon experts Alex and Adriana, who will introduce you to the best of Portuguese food. Feeling the travel hunger pangs yet? Bom apetite!

Portugal, A Foodie's Paradise

If you are a foodie, you can call Lisbon paradise. You will be so happy here!

Portugal, A Foodie's Paradise

Famous top chef Ferran Adrià, of the award winning culinary temple El Bulli, says that Portugal has the best fish in the world. Try the amazing sardines, the giant lobsters, the fresh horse mackerels, the wonderful clams, and the delicious tiny shrimp; you will see that he is right. This country is heaven for those that love anything coming from the ocean, but it is so much more than that.

*Don’t miss the home-style salt cod at Cais de Belém

Portugal, A Foodie's Paradise

Do your prefer meat? Well let us tell you that we have probably the best ham in the world… It is called Pata Negra and it is so amazing. Also, there are popular sausages like the famous chorizo and alheira, a trick sausage (because it does not contain pork) invented by the Jewish community during the Inquisition that is now a cultural staple. The cheeses, like Azeitão, our favorite one, melt in your mouth in an explosion of flavors that go wonderfully with the spectacular Portuguese wines.

*Enjoy traditional preparations of meat and seafood at the family-owned O Pitéu, operating since 1966

*Wood oven bread, herbed olives marinated in-house and delicious selection of regional cheeses can be found at Wine Bar do Castelo

Portugal, A Foodie's Paradise

With more than 200 native grapes, Portugal is the 6th largest producer of wine in the world and it has been conquering the toughest critics with great products. Vinho verde is well known, Port wine has been stealing the spotlight, but a wine tasting will show you that we have much more to offer.

*Sample various wines ranging €1 to €22 per glass while looking over the picturesque Duoro in an 18th century villa at the Solar do Vinho do Porto.

Portuguese gastronomy has a perfect combination of Mediterranean and Atlantic influences. The Mediterranean trio of bread, olive oil and wine is everywhere and tables always have a central role in every house. The most amazing thing about our food and wine is that we still love the traditional way of making them. You can still find small producers, taking their time, leaving out the preservatives and flavor enhancers. Because if you do it the old Portuguese way, believe us, you won’t need flavor enhancers. The best of all? You can have all of this at a very affordable price.

That is why we, Your Friend in Lisbon, always say that you cannot come to Portugal without tasting the amazing food and wine. Missing this would be a sin.

Alex and Adriana, www.yourfriendinlisbon.com
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