Utrip’s CEO Announces Big News: “I’ve Been Waiting Three Years for Today”

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Greetings Utrip community,

I am excited to let our loyal users (thank you!) and our newer users (thank you, too!) in on the same piece of news today—news that I’ve been waiting three LONG years to announce. I am thrilled to tell you that three years (and seven days) after I quit my job to found Utrip, we have officially launched out of beta.

Utrip Homepage out of Beta

Timed with our release from beta, we have just completed an important round of funding. This morning we announced we have raised $750,000 to further Utrip’s mission of being Your Guide to the Perfect Trip.

I am excited to share that our new investors and advisors have deep experience in travel and technology, which helps validate our approach. Visionaries like Matthew D. Upchurch, Chairman and CEO of Virtuoso, the largest luxury travel network in the world, Matt Klein, former Group Product Lead for Yahoo! Travel and Felix Anthony, former Vice President of Kindle at Amazon, have been named to our advisory group. They join members Oren Etzioni, world renowned artificial intelligence expert, and David Conrad, Founder and Studio Director of Design Commission, a leading design firm in Seattle.

It has been quite a journey, with lots of highs and lows and days (and nights) when I just wasn’t sure how all the pieces would come together. But as I see how far we’ve come, I know that the long hours, late nights and worry have been worth it. Travelers are creating memorable trips with Utrip, and I can’t tell you how gratifying that is. We receive comments like:

The Paris section of the honeymoon was EASILY planned in 2 minutes, thanks to the BEST travel website EVER!

“Honestly the best site ever”

First of all, this is genius. Second of all, ADD BUDAPEST!”

Yes, Budapest is on our list! It is one of the many, many other destinations, as well as added functionality we are working on to make it even easier for travelers to create their perfect trip. Stay tuned for updates—we have some exciting features in our pocket.

Today wouldn’t have happened without Utrip’s impressive team, both current and former, or our outstanding advisors and investors. Utrip team members are smart, creative, resourceful, persistent, and most importantly, passionate about travel. Some are foodies (like me), some aren’t. Some like museums, others prefer to spend their vacations on the beach; some prefer hotels, others enjoy hostels. What binds us together is the belief that we are changing the way travel planning is done, making it easier for travelers to plan the trip of their dreams. We want you to get out there and enjoy your trip — not just from the second you land, but from the second you click.

Best Wishes and Safe Travels,


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