Awesome & Alternative: 5 Unusual Things to Do in Munich

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By Ralitsa Golemanova 


Maybe your first thought when you hear “Munich” is beer and business. There are good reasons for that, as Bavarian beer is certainly worth the trip to one of the richest cities in Germany.

But if you’re seeking the quirky and authentic side of any new city, then you must be craving to experience something more from Munich. Certainly don’t miss the museums and city parks – but make sure to check out its off-the-beaten-path hideouts as well.

Here are five awesome – and when I say awesome I mean it – and unusual things to do in Munich, the lovely capital of Bavaria.

1.     The Nudist Beach

Well, yes – nudity is now legal in Munich. Actually, since the 1960s there has been a nudist beach in the Englischer Garten, a huge park in the heart of the city. The Schönfeldwiese, or the “Beautiful Meadow”, has indeed been a gathering place for people who like naked sunbathing for a long time. Whether you would like to experience it yourself, or you just want to check it off your to-see list, the nudist beach is certainly one of the more fun attractions of Munich. It certainly shows how free-spirited Germans can be.

And there is more to the Englischer Garten than a nudist beach…

2.     The City Surfers

In the very same Englischer Garten you can also find another funky Munich attraction. Namely – the city surfing river. The artificial stream that circles the garden uses a special pumping mechanism that creates a big wave at one particular spot, turning it into the Eisbach, or the “icy brook”. So you can imagine that all surfers in the area are quite fond of this location. If you are into surfing yourself, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Even if you are not, it’s a great place to have a beer in the outdoors and enjoy watching people show off their surfing skills. There is also a fresh wet breeze from the waves! Good stuff in summer.

3.     The Best Real Escape Game in Town

HintQuest Gameroom - Unusual Things to Do in Munich

And now for something you can enjoy even in bad weather. If you haven’t heard of real escape games, you are bound to be surprised now. It’s one of the greatest brain teasers out there. Munich boasts an awesome exit game spot. The purpose of the game is to exit a room in 60 minutes by solving challenging puzzles and riddles along with your team. Besides being pure fun and bringing you a strong adrenaline rush, it can easily put you in a much-desired flow state, in which you are one with what you are doing.

4.     The Müller’sches Volksbad

Müller'sche Volksbad - Unusual Things to Do in Munich

Ah, the public baths. While to some it might sound like a weird and ancient practice, in Munich people take the Müller’sches Volksbad seriously. The “pool for the poor” was donated in 1901 by the engineer Karl Müller on the condition that be open to everybody. The marvelous art nouveau building, which is located on the Isar River, is a true gem. You can enjoy bathing Roman style – with a warm pool and a steaming hot sauna. If you’re into swimming, you can also enjoy the 31 meter pool, formerly known as the “man’s pool.” Today there is no gender separation or garments in the pools, naturally, so brace yourself, yet again.

5.     Log Rafting on the Isar River

River rafting

And here is another water adventure that you can embrace in Munich. The Isar River comes from the Alpine Tirol in Austria and makes for one of the main city attractions. Guess what else you can do besides fishing and sunbathing: log rafting. Naturally, this used to be a transportation method for big shipments, but today, it is an awesome way to make use of the river stream. Log rafting is certainly not as extreme as the regular rafting, but it is not in the least bit less enjoyable. If you are with many friends, you can even book the whole log for yourself. Drift on!

Inspired to hit the road?

Even if you weren’t intending to visit Munich soon, I’m sure these five cool attractions will be enough to persuade you.

Do you know about any other awesome places or things to do in Munich? Please share with us in the comments below or on Twitter with @Utrippers

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About the Author: Ralitsa Golemanova is a writer with diverse background ranging from media and communications through politics to social research. She has extensive experience in blogging on travel and leisure topics. Recently she’s been contributing to the HintQuest blog.


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