7 Cool Travel Gadgets for Your Summer Vacation

By Lorenzo Estebanez

July is officially the middle of summer, which means that you’ve probably got a well-deserved vacation coming right up. When you’re preparing for that vacation, though, there are some things you should bring after packing your passport and toothbrush. These hot products range from technology that makes your vacation more enjoyable, to things that will maintain your peace of mind. Here are 7 cool travel gadgets to bring on your summer vacation, from the travel gurus at Uyora.com:

Your E-reader

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Whether you’re relaxing poolside, riding a passenger car in a foreign metro, or standing in line at customs, you’re going to want to bring a book. By now, bringing an E-reader is a no-brainer: they’re compact and light enough to transport easily and can hold enough books to last you a hundred vacations. Newer generations, like the Kindle DX and Amazon’s Nook SimpleTouch, are both Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled, in case you need to look up directions or compare and book hotels on the fly.

Depending on your needs, you can also opt for an E-reader that’s frontlit, for easier reading in low-light conditions. For travel, an E-book is a must-have.

Bluetooth Speakers

Nothing beats hearing the right song at the right time. The only drawback of ending up on a secluded beach this summer is that you may find yourself miles from an electrical outlet. If you do: congratulations, you may have found paradise! Fortunately, the current crop of Bluetooth speakers on the market are mostly wireless.

When you want to relax with some music to complement the mood, a pair of quality wireless Bluetooth-enabled speakers are what you’re looking for. Speakers like the Beats by Dre Pill, the Jawbone Big Jambox, and the Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile boast small size and big sound quality—along with being wireless for easy portability. Perfect a remote relaxation by packing Bluetooth speakers.

Handy Wearable Tech

Technology has never been more fashionable nor less obtrusive, and the tech world knows that 2014 is going to be the year of wearable tech. It’s not just Google Glass trying to integrate technology onto our persons, either.

The best way to get around any new place is by foot, so get yourself a Bluetooth-enabled pedometer to know exactly how much mileage (or rather, kilometer-age) you’re putting in. Learn exactly how many steps it took to find that secluded side-street with the city’s best gelato place, so you can enjoy local treats guilt-free.

7 Cool Travel Gadgets for Your Summer Vacation

To reduce the risk of sunburns, or even worse UV-borne ailments, there’s Netatmo’s line of electronic jewelry for sun protection. The Netatmo June, which can be worn as both a bracelet or brooch, is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The jewelry monitors the UV index, telling you when you’re being exposed to more rays and when you should apply more sunscreen. The app can even recommend a proper SPF for the amount of sunlight you’re getting. Most importantly, it’s attractive enough that it won’t look out-of-place.

With products like these to make one’s vacation easier, it’s no wonder that wearable tech is being heralded as The Next Big Thing.

A Solar Charger

Free yourself from the confusing tyranny of strange, foreign electrical outlet adapters. To keep all your electronics juiced, nothing beats a solar charger. Unless you’re going somewhere far north enough that you don’t get sun for days on end, pick up one of the solar chargers that made waves at this year’s Consumer Electronics Expo (CES). At CES, Ascent Solar Technologies unveiled the latest from its EnerPlex line of solar chargers. Charging your mobile device or tablet with the energy of the sun has never been more convenient.

Something To Keep An Eye On The House

 7 Cool Travel Gadgets for Your Summer VacationThe most important thing for any traveler is peace of mind while they’re away. In our interconnected world, it’s never been easier to know that your castle is safe and sound. There are plenty of remotely-accessible HD cameras for your home, which let you check up on your house from any computer. Samsung’s SmartCam line offers HD quality and wide-angle lenses in small packages, which can be placed unobtrusively anywhere in the house and accessed online.

Bluetooth technology makes it possible to control things like locks, lights, and thermostats remotely. A product like Okidokeys smart lock lets you lock or unlock doors with your smartphone. With Smart Home features, you never have to worry again about whether you left something running, or how you can let your friend into the house to feed your pet.

For both fun and peace of mind, don’t leave home without these!

About the Author: Lorenzo Estebanez  is a native Californian who has moved to Bulgaria to enjoy a European quality of life. He has an academic background in film and loves to write almost as much as he loves to read.

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