Feasting Gluten Free in Prague

By Courtney Likkel

Czech food is a notorious foe to gluten intolerant folk. Upon traveling to the land of beer, goulash and dumplings, you may feel left out from the feasting. However, eating gluten free in Prague is possible, as there are a few excellent restaurants that have gluten free options for their traditional Czech dishes.

Gluten free goulash - Feasting Gluten Free in Prague

At Švejk Restaurant U Karla, there are classic Czech dishes prepared especially gluten free for a surprisingly decent price. You can feast upon their gluten free beef goulash with onions and homemade dumplings, pork sirloin in a sour cream sauce with homemade dumplings, roasted ham sausage with mustard and horseradish, pancakes with marmalade, fruit dumplings and apple strudel. They even serve a tasty gluten free Czech beer called Celia. You can check out the rest of their extensive GF menu here.
Gluten free beer - Feasting Gluten Free in Prague
Behold, good gluten free beer actually exists!
Feasting Gluten Free in Prague
Gluten free pancakes - Feasting Gluten Free in Prague
These fluffy pancakes filled with apricot marmalade melt in your mouth.
Sweet gluten free dumplings - Feasting Gluten Free in Prague
Gooey dumplings filled with seasonal fruit & topped with cinnamon, sugar and cheese. Perfection.

Švejk Restaurant U Karla is conveniently located in Nové Město, or New Town, just a 15 minute walk from Old Town Square.

You can also find GF meals at Hotel U Prince, one of the few restaurants in town that specifically labels meals on their menu as gluten free. Both of their indoor and outdoor dining areas next to Old Town Square offer many gluten free dishes, but their rooftop terrace has a different menu with fewer options. (Which is a shame, because the views are amazing. But I still recommend going up there for a drink and perhaps an appetizer.)

If you are traveling to Prague and have Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance, I highly recommend printing out a gluten free restaurant card like this one to give to your waiters at restaurants. There aren’t many eateries in Prague that have special gluten free menus like Švejk Restaurant U Karla or Hotel U Prince, and not every waiter knows what gluten is. Using this card helped me enjoy dishes at other not-so-Celiac-friendly restaurants without getting sick.

Although you might not have expected to sample authentic Czech cuisine in Prague, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much you’ll get to enjoy. You might just love every single bite.

Do you have any food allergies? How do you survive them while traveling?
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Author Bio: Courtney is a Seattle native living in Madrid and working as an assistant English teacher. Besides venturing around Europe, she likes drinking tinto de verano in the sunshine, embarrassing herself by trying to speak the local language, and attempting to seek out the best brunch in Spain. You can follow along with her adventures on her blog Adelante, as well as on Instagram and Twitter.
All photos © Courtney Likkel

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    • We know we were so bummed to hear! Hopefully there are some others in the works to fill the gap though. We are working on another post about other restaurants that offer gluten-free options in Europe and your blog is great- would you want to collaborate? Email yasmine@utrip.com 🙂

  1. Great article! I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to Europe again, but your post encourages me to be better prepared for the two trips I have planned for this year–a West Caribbean cruise and a family trip to Maui. Typically, I try to pack my own gluten-free food (Kind granola bars, GoPicnic boxed lunches, and select Progresso soups are my favorites) when I travel, even if it is just across town. Even if I don’t use any of it, it gives me peace of mind, knowing I have something to eat in a pinch!

    • Thanks Lisa- and that is great advice for others! It is definitely worth it to be over-prepared, especially when you’re in a new city. The celiac travel cards are a wonderful resource as well. We’re working on another article that will include more destinations in Europe, but hope to bring you more for around the world. Have a great time and safe travels! We’d love if you shared photos with us 🙂

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