Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

In honor of Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s birthday…

St Pancras Station - Happy Birthday Harry PotterStill waiting on your admission letter from Hogwarts? Us too. In the meantime, we can travel to London and follow the path of the Boy Who Lived on the Harry Potter Sights of London Featured Trip. We’ll visit some of the most famous spots from the books and films.  We can’t promise that your letter will arrive any time soon, but we can promise you a magical trip to London. Just please don’t try and push through the wall at Platform 9¾…

Featured Trip Harry Potter Sights of London - Happy Birthday Harry PotterThis travel plan will take us to filming locations and places mentioned in the book, as well as many other iconic London sites. As always though, Utrip wants you to explore the world your way. So feel free to edit your itinerary as you see fit… Anything is possible with Utrip’s magic.


Some of the most famous spots include:

Leaden Hall Market

Leadenhall Market - Happy Birthday Harry PotterGo grab a butter beer or an ice cream and wander through the many shops.


The London Zoo

London Zoo - Happy Birthday Harry Potter

You can try and speak parseltongue to the snakes, but people might look at you funny.

St. Pancras Station

St Pancras Station - Happy Birthday Harry PotterAgain, although we totally support your efforts in wizardry, we highly suggest that you don’t run at the wall at Platform 9¾.









The Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge - Happy Birthday Harry Potter

Those darn Death Eaters again! Don’t worry though, the bridge wasn’t actually harmed in the filming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


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