Don’t Miss a Desert Safari in Dubai!

Desert Safari in DubaiThe city of Dubai, one of the most developed in the world, is its greatest draw. It offers a wide range of attractions for guests, including some of the best shopping. However, you would be missing out on a wonderful and unique side of Dubai if you didn’t take the opportunity to go on a desert safari. If you really want to understand Dubai, you need to experience the desert! A safari allows you to do so in a way that is safe, since you will be supervised by experienced guides. The following 8 reasons will convince you that a desert safari in Dubai is certainly an adventure which you shouldn’t miss.

1.        The opportunity to ride a camel.

Desert Safari in DubaiCamels are animals that are uniquely associated with the desert since they are the traditional method of transportation. Taking a ride on one of these beasts of burden offers you the chance to experience the desert the way a native does. And it’s loads of fun.

2.        The chance to experience a wide variety of activities.

Apart from the standard dune bashing, the desert safari may also offer quad biking and dune (sand) surfing. These are exciting activities that will surely get your pulse up with excitement. And since you will be supervised and given safety briefings, it is perfectly safe, even if this is the first time you are undertaking these activities.

3.        Getting to watch traditional Dubai entertainment.

Desert Safari in DubaiWhen you get to the camp you will be treated to belly dancing and other traditional Dubai dances. This will give you a glimpse into Dubai culture that you might not otherwise get if you only stay in the city.

4.        A wide variety of choice.

Depending on your preferences and how adventurous you are, you can take relatively short safaris or enjoy longer ones where you can spend the night under the desert sky.

5.        The chance to see unspoiled desert.

Desert Safari in DubaiStanding in the middle of a desert landscape and looking at the horizon, seeing nothing but sand and red dunes seemingly as far as the eye can see is an experience that you will never forget.

6.        You can get great photo opportunities.

Desert Safari in DubaiOnce at the camp, you can have yourself photographed while riding a camel or wearing traditional Arab garb. You can even take short videos that you can show to your family and friends back home.

7.        It provides a break from shopping and other city activities.

While Dubai is one of the most exciting cities in the world, there is only so much shopping that you can do. If you want something different, a desert safari is just the thing to add some excitement to your trip.

8.        It is FUN. What more reason do you need?

No matter what the reason, a desert safari is definitely a must. You cannot say you have really been to Dubai if you don’t take one!

About the Author: James is a Dubai based writer and blogger. He Often writes for Book Dubai Trip and other travel blogs.


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