Steps to a Magical San Francisco Date Night

I have been in a relationship for over two and a half years, and I also no longer currently live in San Francisco. So as hard as this is for me, I think I can finally share this perfect San Francisco Date Night with the world.

Gentlemen, if you are trying to impress a lady, follow these simple steps and I promise you that by the end of the night she will be thinking ‘Hey, this guy is pretty good at planning a few enjoyable things to do that proceed in a logical procession’. I don’t promise it will help you in any other way, because you may be incredibly unlikable and hideously unattractive, but I can’t remedy those situations with a short blog post.

Golden_Gate_Bridge_and_San_Francisco_at_sunsetThis exact date only works in the winter time, November to January. It can be modified, but the best version of this date involves a seasonal skating rink.

This date is acceptable for first dates, second dates, third dates, JDates, long-time couples, married people, young people, old people, bondage-loving people and any other couples out there. Or fuck it, treat YO SELF. This is the chameleon of dates as it can fit into any coupling.

This date is not too expensive, but it isn’t free either. Budget for about $50-100 for the entire day. You can save money by removing an item or two, but I don’t recommend that. You wouldn’t buy only a portion of a Picasso so you shouldn’t only select a portion of the following piece of art. Now take a trip with me down lover’s lane…


Meet at the Cable Car Line at Van Ness and California. Buy a 2-way ticket. Make a point of standing on the outside platform and hanging off of it. By doing this you will ensure yourself of being in the background of hundreds of Japanese tourists pictures.

Cable Car San Francisco Date Night


Take the Cable Car to the end of the line and get off downtown at Market and Drumm and walk to the Embarcadero Skating Rink at Justin Hermann Plaza.


Go ice skating with your date. It’s an adorable thing to do. Do a few twirls and laugh and be merry. Seriously, look how merry the ‘Figure Skating Photo Bomb Guy Is’ in the picture below:

Ice Skating - San Francisco Date Night


You are now freezing cold. Go to the Ferry Building and get a coffee from Blue Bottle to warm yourself up. There will be a line, but don’t let that deter you. Enjoy some of the best coffee in the land while looking out at the water and the Bay Bridge.

SF Embarcedero


Walk back to the Cable Car and take it back up to Nob Hill.


Get off at the top of Nob Hill and go to the InterContinental Mark Hopkins. Take the elevator up to the top and go to the bar ‘Top of the Mark

Top of the Mark - San Francisco Date Night


Have a drink at Top of the Mark and take in the panoramic 360 degree views of the city. Bonus points if you go right before sunset and watch it from up there. As the sun sets, watch the light show on the Bay Bridge. You might also get lucky with live music at the bar. If there is live music, it will be classy live music like piano or smooth jazz. Do NOT request for them to play something that you can karaoke too. No one wants to hear you sing Journey and I do mean no one.


Head on home hand-in-hand after this magical day. Drop your date off at their place and watch them swoon at your ability to plan such a perfect day. Do not mention you stole the idea from a blog. And finally, what are you waiting for? Go in for the kiss you wuss.


Live happily ever after.

SF coit tower

By Lewis Krell

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