A Foodie in Florence

Gilad Berenstein, founder and CEO of Utrip, is a major foodie. Light dazzles in his eyes as he speaks of the meal he had the previous evening, the matzah ball soup that his mother makes, the perfected pita of Seattle’s Falafel Salam

When he had the opportunity to explore Florence, Italy for a travel conference, BTO 14, you better believe he was eating his way through the town on his downtime—with the help of Utrip, of course.

A Foodie in Florence - Gilad Berenstein

And he documented every bite of it along the way, including the cooking class that he had the pleasure of taking from one of Utrip’s Local Experts, Florencetown. Be prepared to feast your eyes on some delectable Florentine foods.

Are you ready for your foodie adventure in Florence?

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