Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

Tuaredda Beach Sardinia Italy - Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

The hunt for our next summer holiday destination never stops! As you probably can’t wait to leave winter behind, we’ll make your life a bit easier by saving you some time and suggesting some of the best Mediterranean beaches to visit!

These are locations where you’ll definitely find the sun shining bright in the sky, and you’ll be lucky enough to swim in some of the cleanest waters in Europe!

Take a break from work and enjoy a glimpse from heaven!


Konnos Bay - Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

Want to know where the top beaches are? Of course you do. You’ll find these in the Famagusta district, in Protaras towns and Ayia Napa.  Here, pristine waters and warm, shimmering sands are a casual occurrence. It’s hard to choose just one beach when there are so many amazing ones on offer in these regions, but if you’re pushing us than I guess we’d have to suggest the beautiful blue-flag winning Konnos Bay beach, situated by Cape Greco. It’s not one to miss!

This stunning beach boasts two little bays encircled by cliffs and hillsides, so it is well sheltered from pesky winds and ensures that the place is a great, safe location for swimming-enthusiasts or photographers. You can reach this area conveniently by bike, car or even on foot, however don’t forget that there’ll be lots of other people with the same idea in mind during the summer months, particularly at the weekend. So, if you want to nab your place by the shore and get that perfect sunbathing spot, try to get there in the early morning (or whenever your hangover will permit).

Once you arrive, you can leave your vehicle at the hilltop which has available parking spaces, and then make your happy way down the stairs to the beach. Get your camera out along the way for there are lots of incredible views here that your friends and family will want to see later! You can even have a nibble on something at the little restaurant there whilst you take in the view. Plus, there are lots of water sports activities on offer at decent prices, just for you adrenaline-junkies and thrill monkeys! If you forgot your suntan lotion or towel, don’t worry because the sunbed and umbrella rental service has got you sorted. Actually, just go on the sunbed anyway – they can float and so you can take them into the water and drift along the surface of that dazzling blue sea. Pure paradise! Just try not to fall asleep on it or else some buff lifeguard may have to take the trouble of coming to get you (and what a shame would that be…). If this has tickled your fancy, you can have a look at some of the best places to stay here.


Blue Lagoon - Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

If you are up for going to Malta, then Blue Lagoon is an absolute must-see destination. For adventurous beachgoers, Blue Lagoon has two mini beaches with rocks which you can climb to get better sun exposure or to practice diving. The waters are shallow so kids can paddle about in them, but if you venture deeper into the sea you can witness amazing colourful fish and discover a variety of incredible caves. In fact, snorkelling is very popular at this tourist beach, due to the water quality and access to rich sea life. Again, you may want to arrive early to avoid declaring war on other tourists for prime beach spots. There is also a range of food, drink and umbrella stands to keep the family content.


Porto Katsiki - Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

This next destination is located 40km south-west of Lefkada town – the island’s capital, and is recognisable for its wondrous high hills and fantastic beach. It can be a bit tricky to access Porto Katsiki, but it is well worth trying! There are 80 steep steps along the cliff, and this is the only way to get to the carpark, so you will have to set yourself that challenge for the day!

Whilst you’re huffing and puffing along the steps, take the chance to capture the amazing view along the way. If you don’t think it’ll impress you enough to bother with the climb, there are alternative routes via the taxi-boats service from the towns of Vassiliki and Nidri. Porto Katsiki is not short of water activities either, and you can enjoy such recreational pastimes as surfing, sailing and of course, swimming. Pay attention though – no pretending to be a shark and scaring the kids, as there are no lifeguards on duty here. You can have a snack at the hilltop and also make use of the umbrellas and sunbeds available.

The European Environment Agency listed Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain as having excellent quality water!


Zlatni Rat - Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

This protected natural beach has an unusual narrow shape, a bit like that of the Eiffel Tower, and stretches about 450m into the pristine sea. Because of this dual beach design, swimmers can enjoy an incredible sight of the sea on both sides. This beach will spoil you in terms of its beauty, with groves of pine trees, white pebble shores, and the magnificent Vidova Mountain, which soars above the skyline as the highest peak in the Adriatic Islands. In short: wow!

If you weren’t yet convinced about how great this beach is, then I guess you’re pretty hard to impress! Well, how about the fact that because of the combined effect of the winds, waves and currents, the tip of Zlatni Rat-Brac is always changing shape. This means that the next time you visit the beach you may find that it looks completely different! For you sporty holiday makers, the island is also perfect for surfboarding or kite-surfing. The beach is a short 2km away from Bol, and you can reach it by car or a no-fuss 20 minute picturesque walk. There is also a small tourist train with half hourly departures, and boats that you can board from the port of Bol, so there’s really no excuse not to visit!


Portinho da Arrabida Beach - Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

This is a charming bay in Lisbon, with colourful aquamarine waters to offset the white sands. It is a lovely place to go diving and swimming. The surrounding hills add to the idyllic scenery, making the place even more of a relaxing haven. The waters are so clear that you can see right down to the seafloor. There are also lots of gastronomical delights at the restaurants in the area. Although it if fairly difficult to access, this is one of the most serene beaches in and around Lisbon. It is not serviced by public transport so you will have to get there by car and travel along narrow roads. On the other hand, even the journey there has sights to see so it’s worth it if you can do it!


Cala Luna - Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

Cala Luna is regarded as one of the nicest beaches in Sardinia. It has superb water quality, white sandy beaches as well as caves to explore. It is lined with wonderful cliffs of limestone – the cherry on top to some beautiful scenery.

To get to Cala Luna, we recommend that you take a sweet boat ride from Cala Gonone. If you don’t, you will have to travel on foot along a troublesome 7km path. It’s also a good idea to add a ride to the Grotta del Bue Marino (‘Cave of the sea-cow’) to the boat ride. Sadly it’s not home to an actual sea cow, but it does showcase fascinating stalagmites, stalactities and even an underground beach with the remains of neolithic rock carvings. This cave rocks!

Feeling thirsty or peckish? Cala Luna also has a fabulous beach restaurant and bar so you can a break from all that exhausting sunbathing or exploring and get your food and drink game on!


Es Trenc - Clear Waters: The Best Mediterranean Beaches

Es Trenc beach is located in one of the most alluring islands of Spain, and is one of the large number of awe-inspiring natural landscapes of Mallorca. If you visit, (and you should!) you will be bestowed upon with stunning aquamarine waters and soft sands. The area is surrounded by a pine forest and rolling sand dunes, making it a lovely remote retreat. Even though it is one of the most popular beaches in Mallorca, this has not tainted its natural beauty and it remains well looked after. Es Trenc generously offers a range of amenities such as bathrooms, beach chairs, restaurants, bars and umbrella stands. It is a safe place for weak swimmers or children as there are lifeguards on duty during the day. You may want to avert the children’s’ eyes to some of the other tourists however, as it is also a nudist-friendly beach! You can research more information on this remarkable beach on Es Trenc Beach’s official website.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start planning your summer getaway now!!


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