The Hipster Hideout: The Long Beach Peninsula


The Long Beach Peninsula—the greatest place you’ve never heard of.

Perfectly situated on the coast between Seattle and Portland, this vibrant series of beach towns is a hipster haven just waiting to be discovered. Laden with antique shops brimming with vintage sundries, a coffee and beer culture worth bragging about, spectacular local food, and of course one of the most gorgeous beaches on the west coast, it’s a wonder that hipsters from all around aren’t flocking here like a perfectly styled mustache to a can of PBR.

The Long Beach Peninsula offers a myriad of awesome accommodations—from cute Victorian cottages to vintage trailers. The Shelburne Inn comes as a top pick for those who appreciate vintage treasures. The Inn is a bit of a cabinet of curiosities… Or, rather, much like a night at the museum.

Shelburne Inn - The Hipster Hideout: Long Beach Peninsula

The Hipster Hideout: Long Beach Peninsula
The Hipster Hideout: Long Beach Peninsula
The Hipster Hideout: Long Beach Peninsula
The Hipster Hideout: The Long Beach Peninsula

Shelburne Inn - Long Beach Peninsula Hipster Hideout

Incredible antique furniture, original artwork and stained-glass windows are everywhere. Since 1896, the Shelburne has taken in weary travelers! An incredible breakfast bedecked with local ingredients (mushrooms, cranberries, clams, oysters, sausage and more) awaits you in the morning. And in the evening you can sip craft beer and cocktails at the Pub that features a good tap selection and infused liquors. A pianist may even grace the grounds, playing on the beautiful grand piano named “Gloria”.

Shelburne Inn

If you get the chance to chat with the current Innkeepers (since 1977), the truly wonderful David and Laurie, no doubt a fascinating conversation will ensue—perhaps of artwork (many of the Inn’s are David’s or collected by the couple), mushroom foraging, wine, or poetry. It is no wonder that travelers have been returning to visit them, the Shelburne Inn, and the Peninsula for years. (Seriously, decades. Read about how Gloria the piano was named after long-time guests here.)

On the Long Beach Peninsula, antique malls and shops are everywhere and most of them are packed with deals you couldn’t dream of finding in the cities.

Check out the North Coast Antique Mall and find yourself literally lost within the maze of clothing, furniture, collectibles, cowboy boots, trinkets and more.

North Coast Antique Mall - Artist's Getaway on the Long Beach Peninsula

North Coast Antique Mall - Long Beach Peninsula: Hipster Hideout

North Coast Antique Mall - Long Beach Peninsula: Hipster Hideout

And you won’t have to go far to continue your antiquing extravaganza because the Seaview Antique Mall is right across the street.

Seaview Antique Mall Seaview Antique Mall - Seaview Antique Mall

Head to Adelaide’s for a cup of coffee and enjoy it on their southern style wrap around porch with a good book in hand.

Adelaide's porch Adelaide's


Keep driving up the Peninsula and head to the Historic Oysterville… A little neighborhood that dates back to 1851, where the architecture seems oddly frozen in time. On your traverse of the same paths as people of the 19th century, be sure to stop into the Oysterville Store where you can buy an eclectic mix of goods, including locally made jams, jellies, lotions, soaps, and hand-knit socks.

Oysterville Store

Check out the tiny historic post office next door. These old P.O. boxes are still in use.

Oysterville Store Post Office

While you’re in Oysterville, you definitely don’t want to miss a quick stop into the Oysterville Church—a tiny marvel that will transport you to the turn of the last century.

Oysterville Church

Head back down the Peninsula and sample a few local craft beers at North Jetty Brewing.

North Jetty Brewing Taps Getting hungry? Check out Pickled Fish for some delicious modern cuisine, craft cocktails, and live music. Grab a spot with one of their killer views of the beach and ocean, and enjoy this little bit of solitude from the city.

Pickled Fish Modern Cuisine

If you want some serious solitude, pack some blankets and head for a bonfire on the beach. With 28 miles of sand to spare, you really couldn’t ask for a better nightcap than a hot fire, and seemingly the whole ocean, to yourself.

Bonfire on Long Beach

There’s many more marvels on the Long Beach Peninsula… See what other discoveries await:

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