Discovery Awaits on The Long Beach Peninsula

Long Beach Peninsula beach getaway

A few members of the Utrip team, including CEO Gilad Berenstein, had the opportunity to explore the wonderful Long Beach Peninsula, thanks to the generosity of the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau. We were struck by the pristine wilderness, expansive and untouched beach, and the genuine hospitality from everyone we encountered. We had so much fun on the Long Beach Peninsula that we’d like to share our experiences with you!

Discovery truly awaits you on the Long Beach Peninsula. 

A 3 hour drive from Seattle and only a 2 hour drive from Portland, we highly recommend everyone in the Upper Left take advantage of the experiences to be had on the Long Beach Peninsula. This charming stretch of land provides the perfect city getaway that juxtaposes the sleepy beach town vibe with an exciting and adventure-filled plethora of outdoor activities. To see what your getaway could look like, go to to create a personalized, day-by-day itinerary—in moments.

For our trip, we were delighted to stay at the gorgeous Shelburne Inn. The Shelburne is housed in an adorable kelly-green craftsman home, adorned with stained glass windows, beautifully maintained antique furniture, a lovely garden, and tons of art (as well as many original pieces by David, one of the owners).

The Shelburne Inn - Long Beach Peninsula

The Shelburne Inn - Long Beach PeninsulaReady to have some fun, we headed into Long Beach and checked out the local shops.

But first we had to take some pictures with the World’s Largest Frying Pan!

The World's Largest Frying Pan - Long Beach Peninsula

Next we went to Marsh’s Free Museum. Half museum of bizarre oddities and half quirky trinket shop, this Long Beach establishment is home to a two headed cow and Jake the Alligator Man. We enjoyed playing the various quarter games throughout the store… However, I was disappointed to find out that my love life is “clammy”.

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach Peninsula Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach Peninsula Marsh's Free Museum (Jake the Alligator Man) - Long Beach Peninsula

And no trip to the Long Beach Peninsula would be complete without checking out the… Well, rather long beach. The beach is the longest in the United States and second longest in the world. The Long Beach Peninsula has done an amazing job in preserving their gorgeous coastline by prohibiting the development of land right up against the beach. Instead they have provided an 8.5 mile hiking trail called the Discovery Trail so that locals and visitors can take advantage of the extraordinary natural beauty.

Long Beach on the Long Beach Peninsula Discovery Trail - Long Beach Peninsula Long Beach on the Long Beach Peninsula Long Beach on the Long Beach PeninsulaBut the Long Beach Peninsula isn’t all about the beach! The food is delicious and local. Throughout our weekend we ate some incredible food at the Shelburne Inn Restaurant, Pickled Fish, The Depot, 42nd Street Cafe and Bistro, and Lost Roo. Each meal was loaded with local seafood, from clams and oysters to fresh Chinook salmon, as well as local cranberries and even local Washington wine. We even checked out North Jetty Brewing and tried a sampler of their microbrews.

Shelburne Inn Restaurant - Long Beach Peninsula

Pickled Fish - Long Beach Peninsula

The Depot - Long Beach Peninsula

North Jetty Brewing - Long Beach Peninsula North Jetty Brewing - Long Beach Peninsula

We were fortunate enough to be visiting the Long Beach Peninsula during clam season. So of course we took the opportunity to go clamming. I had never seen a clam spit before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

Clamming on the Long Beach Peninsula Long Beach Peninsula Clamming Razor Clamming on Long Beach Peninsula Razor Clam Digging on the Long Beach Peninsula

After our clamming adventures, we drove across the bridge to Astoria, Oregon and took a boat tour from Columbia River Eco Tours. The amount of wildlife along the Columbia river was astounding! Bald eagles, osprey, herons, sea lions, and a plethora of seabirds sprinkled the landscape.

Columbia River Eco Tour - Long Beach Peninsula Columbia River Eco Tours Columbia River Eco Tours from Long Beach Peninsula

We then returned to the Long Beach Peninsula and decided to drive our rental car onto the beach. Along the Peninsula, you are allowed to drive on the beach; however, locals know to only drive during a receding tide when there is a shelf of compacted sand available to drive on. Although common sense could have told us that, we drove on the beach while it was windy during an incoming tide… in a car without 4-wheel drive. Needless to say, we got stuck.

Driving on Long Beach Peninsula

After failed attempts to dig the car out of the sand, we finally called for help. It took two giant trucks to get us off the beach while the water was getting closer every minute. If you ever drive on the beach on the peninsula just remember to be safe, follow all driving restrictions…and try not to get stuck.

That night we enjoyed some much needed cocktails, seafood, and live music at Pickled Fish.

Pickled Fish nightlife - Long Beach Peninsula Pickled Fish cocktail - Long Beach Peninsula

The next day we ate breakfast at the 42nd Street Café & Bistro and then headed to Adelaide’s for some excellent espresso.

42nd Café and Bistro - Long Beach Peninsula Adelaide's Coffee and Bookstore - Long Beach Peninsula Adelaide's Coffee - Long Beach Peninsula

Then up the Peninsula to Historic Oysterville where we checked out the quaint Oysterville Church and the Oysterville Store and Post Office.

Oysterville Church - Long Beach Peninsula Oysterville Seafarms - Long Beach Peninsula Oysterville Store - Long Beach Peninsula Historic Oysterville Post Office - Long Beach Peninsula

The Long Beach Peninsula may be known for clams and oysters, but they are equally as famous for cranberries. Cranberry bogs are everywhere and they even have an informative Cranberry Museum where tourists can learn about the history and process of the cranberry trade. Cranberry Museum - Long Beach Peninsula

All of the talk about oysters and cranberries made us pretty hungry, so we drove down the peninsula to Cape Disappointment State Park to check out the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and to grab some wood-fired pizza at Serious Pizza. We checked out the museum and then grabbed our pizza to go and picnicked at Waikiki BeachSerious Pizza - Long Beach Peninsula

Waikiki Beach - Long Beach Peninsula

Cape Disappointment was simply breathtaking. The vast blue ocean and apparently endless sandy beaches coupled with the lush greenery of the surrounding cliffs, provided the perfect respite from city life in Seattle. The fresh sea air and pristine wilderness made it easy to fall in love with the Long Beach Peninsula.

Cape Disappointment State Park - Long Beach PeninsulaCape Disappointment State Park - Long Beach Peninsula

When we returned from Cape Disappointment we went right away to Skookum Surf Co. where we donned wetsuits and headed to the beach for a private surf lesson. We’re not sure we ever actually managed to stand on the board but we sure had a lot of fun. Having warmed up first on the beach, we could barely tell that the water was cold, in fact, it felt really nice to get splashed by the oncoming waves.

Skookum Surf Co. - Long Beach Peninsula

That evening we dined at The Depot, a beautiful restaurant housed in the old train depot. They use local ingredients in their dishes and even have their own wine called “The Depot Red”.

The Depot - Long Beach Peninsula

The Depot - Long Beach Peninsula

The next morning we started off the day by visiting some antique shops around town. We went to the North Coast Antique Mall and the Seaview Antique Mall where we found some incredible finds (including a vintage Seahawks sweatshirt)!

Seaview Antique Mall - Long Beach Peninsula North Coast Antique Mall - Long Beach Peninsula North Coast Antique Mall - Long Beach Peninsula

Before heading back to Seattle, we made one last stop at the Lost Roo for a burger and some fish tacos.

Lost Roo - Long Beach Peninsula Lost Roo fish tacos - Long Beach Peninsula

We can’t wait until our next Long Beach adventure! Thanks to the wonderful people at the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau and The Shelburne Inn! You gave us the perfect weekend getaway.

If you’d like to see what your getaway to the Long Beach Peninsula could look like, create a personalized-day-by-day itinerary now:

Seattle/Portland weekend getaway - Long Beach Peninsula

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