The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

Ko Olina: The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

By Erica Gordon

What constitutes as “the best” accommodation choice completely depends on the people traveling. Some travelers are looking for great accommodation on a budget; some travelers are desperate to stay somewhere quiet, serene and beautiful; some want to stay somewhere contemporary and trendy; some seek out the most amazing pool grounds; some travelers crave a world-class luxury experience no matter the cost and others are looking for a truly unique accommodation. No matter what you’re looking for in the ideal accommodation, you’ll find it in this list. Below are 5 great accommodations in Honolulu, Hawaii:


Ko Olina: The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

Ideal for the traveler who is in desperate need of serene peace and quiet, the Ko Olina Resort is a stunning luxury property with its own private beach away from the busy and touristy area of the island of Oahu. One of the many benefits to staying at the Ko Olina Resort is that it is located on the leeward coast of Oahu, which is notable for almost always having perfect weather, but still being a short 45 minute drive to Waikiki. While the busy streets of Waikiki are fun to drive to for a dinner or night out, spending your days at this peaceful resort is sure to be an unforgettable luxury experience. The Ko Olina is a hotel, but just like the Ilikai, some of its suites are privately owned. This means that you can get great deals through Hawaiian Ocean Club Realty Group, and rent suites there such as a big and beautiful 2 bedroom suite for approximately $350 USD per night.

Ko Olina: The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

Once you get to Ko Olina, you won’t want to leave as you’ll find yourself surrounded with its beautiful lagoons, a luxurious pool ground, peaceful atmosphere and white sand beaches.

Ko Olina: The 5 Best Accomodations in Honolulu


Ilikai hotel - The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

The Ilikai hotel (you might recognize it from Hawaii 5-0) is the ideal choice for the traveler on a budget, who wants to experience Hawaii the same way a wealthy person would (accommodation steps from the beach, ocean view balcony, etc). Believe it or not, you can get a beautiful ocean view suite at the Ilikai for as low as $150 USD per night. The reason you somehow get away with luxurious accommodation on the cheap at the Ilikai is because Hawaiian Ocean Club Realty Group rents out suites that belong to private owners at great hotels such as the Ilikai Hotel where a percentage of the rooms are actually privately owned. It’s a budget-friendly trick not many people know about, but now you do! Waikiki Beach - The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

Many people are aware that renting from a private owner is much more budget-friendly than staying in a hotel, but with Hawaiian Ocean Club Realty Group you can get these low rates in a hotel. This is great news since it can sometimes be tough to find a vacation rental that is hotel quality. The Ilikai is located steps from the beach, on the quieter end of the Waikiki strip, and the hotel’s restaurant Cinnamons serves an incredible breakfast.

Ilikai Resorts - The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu


Modern Honolulu - The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

Beach-front hotels are great, but if you’re looking for something more unique and much trendier, look no further than The Modern Honolulu. The Modern is a cosmopolitan lifestyle resort which boasts two trendy pools and a contemporary design. It’s a harbour-front resort that has a view of the marina rather than the beach, and some would argue that’s just as nice.

Modern Honolulu - The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

The Modern’s sunrise pool will remind you of a lakeside dock with its unique design, and at night the pool lights up gorgeous colours of indigo, purple and royal blue making it a romantic setting perfect for an evening cocktail. There are hanging lights and lit-up surrounding trees that use unique concepts such as candles in empty beer bottles hanging from the trees. The sunset pool is the Modern’s rooftop pool, which has imported sand, white communal floaties and beautiful soft lighting at night.

Modern Honolulu - The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

This hotel also boasts upscale, incredible restaurants on premises and unique and trendy bars such as their lobby bar “The Study” which is behind a big white bookshelf. The Modern is about 1 mile from Waikiki beach, and rooms start at approximately $350 USD per night.


Sheraton Waikiki - The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

The Sheraton Waikiki is in the heart of the action. You can still escape under a cabana if you need some peace and quiet, but if you stay at this resort you’ll be centrally located on the busy Waikiki strip, which is guaranteed to be a good time.

Sheraton waikiki - The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

The Sheraton Waikiki is most famous for its world-class pool grounds. The infinity pool which overlooks the ocean is incredible, and the Sheraton even supplies bright yellow and orange floating chairs which gives this hotel pool a unique and fun vibe.

RumFire cabana: The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

Rum Fire, a beach-front restaurant and bar with great food and awesome music, is located on the Sheraton Waikiki’s grounds. Rum Fire turns into a busy outdoor bar on Friday and Saturday nights, and I had so much fun at this bar that I almost wished I had been staying at the Sheraton for an easy walk home. You can get a small room at this hotel for approximately $300 USD per night.


Kahala Resort: The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

The Kahala Resort is a hidden gem in Honolulu. It’s less than a 20 minute drive from the heart of Waikiki, so it’s similar to the Ko Olina as it has an awesome peaceful and serene vibe. With its own private beach, luxury grounds and incredible restaurants on the property, you definitely won’t regret staying at the Kahala.

Kahala: The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

The Kahala Resort is most famous for having friendly Dolphins swimming around in the hotel lagoon. The resort is beautiful, but the Dolphins are what makes this resort so unique and fun. You can watch Dolphin shows for free, and get up close and personal to take as many adorable photos and videos as you want, or for a fee you can be part of a Dolphin show and swim with the Dolphins through Dolphin Quest at the Kahala resort. Although the Kahala is a bit pricier than the above accommodations, it would be fun to treat yourself to a couple of nights at this resort during your stay in Honolulu.

Kahala Resort: The 5 Best Accommodations in Honolulu

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