The Best of New York from Utrip CEO Gilad Berenstein

Gilad in NYCFrom the time I was ten years old my family started visiting New York City. Since then I have traveled to the magical city dozens of times, and continue to discover unique and interesting niches of the city with every visit. I, like everyone else, love walking down Fifth Ave and strolling in Central Park, but you are probably already well aware of these icons. For a change of pace, check out some of my favorite spots in NYC that you may not have heard of. Enjoy!

By Utrip CEO Gilad Berenstein @giladb87


Frick Collection

The Frick Collection is one of my favorite art museums in NYC and beyond. Located in the lavish 19th century home where the Fricks once lived and built their collection, the scenery is almost as good as the art. From the collection, that features masters like El Greco and Francisco Goya, to the immaculate furnishings of decorative furniture and porcelains, there’s so much to ponder.


The Dead Rabbit

The Dead Rabbit serves a great cocktail deep in lower Manhattan. Named after a famous New York-based gang this watering hole has maintained tradition and even some of the old recipes from way back when. Today it is an ideal place to spend an evening.


Sushi Yasuda

Yasuda is hands down some of the best sushi in NYC and beyond. At Sushi Yasuda, sushi is tradition, art, and a special delicacy that needs to be respected. Sitting at the sushi bar and eating Omakase style is not cheap, but totally worth the cost.


Gotham Bar & Grill

Gotham Bar & Grill is a New York institution where celebrities can often be seen enjoying an evening out on the town. Gotham never disappoints. With its classic high ceilings, outstanding staff, and award-winning menu, you really can’t go wrong. I always enjoy going here on a weekend night to bask in all that is NYC.


Grand Central Terminal

This may be cliché, but I love visiting Grand Central Station. It is a unique combination of grandeur and utility. In Utrip’s words: “In a city full of stunning architecture, Grand Central Station still takes your breath away. It is a large, grand, beautifully lit space, and familiar to all from the many movies in which it has appeared. Opened in 1913, some 80 years after the first New York City railroad was built, this building has a fascinating history to be explored: one that includes the pivotal place of the railway in the history of the country.“


Martinez Handmade Cigars

This place is HEAVEN for the cigar lover. Hand rolled cigars, world famous brands, and most importantly a box of private label cigars branded with your name on top can be procured at this excellent little shop.


2nd Ave Deli

I saved the best for last. Second Ave Deli is an opener and a closer to my NYC trip every single time. It’s everything a Jewish deli should be. Long counters filled with beautiful deli salads, an outstanding pastrami on rye, a giant matzah ball, and so many more favorites to choose from. You will not leave hungry, but you will be counting the days until your next visit. Second Ave Deli is what NYC food is all about!

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