5 Classy Berlin Bars to Visit

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Berlin boasts one of the best bar scenes in the world. This city contains bars ranging from hole in the wall to upscale joint. If you are looking for something classier, check out these places:


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Ring the doorbell at number 50 Winterfeldstrasse to enter a speakeasyesque bar with a 70’s décor and abundant list of drinks. Mingle with the natives at this local hotspot and sway to the music played by a DJ. Embracing their slogan, “the power of positive drink” will ensure an enjoyable time.


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Sip from one of this high end, modern lounge/bar’s selection of seventy cocktails or one hundred wines. Snack on appetizers and other cuisine while admiring the fish tanks, which hold more than five hundred fish. Your night should go quite swimmingly.



If you are looking for something a little more upscale, the Saphire is the place to be. Minimalist, but comfortable seating along with delicious cocktails make for a relaxing experience. Find this bar in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood.


Monkey Bar

Grab a drink and monkey around at this bar with a view. Located on top of the chic 25 Hours Hotel, the Monkey Bar provides stunning views of the city and the Berlin Zoo. Select from a wide variety of drinks and dance the night away to the beat of the DJ.


Newton Bar

The Newton Bar, residing in the famous Mitte District, combines art with class. It boasts the largest collection of Helmut Newton’s work, a famous Berlin fashion photographer and whom the bar is named after. Features such as an exquisite cigar lounge and half moon shaped bar produce a luxurious ambiance. Order the bar’s special “Absolut Newton,” a drink crafted in honor of a legendary photographer.

Ready for a night out in Berlin?

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