Seven Restaurants to Visit in the Sunny Seattle Summer

By Utrip CEO Gilad Berenstein @giladb87 

Seattle summers are filled with blue skies, warmer temperatures, and SUN! Since you probably don’t want to waste a precious moment of this amazing weather, I’ve recommended some restaurants where you can find tasty food and still soak up plenty of Vitamin D.


Not only does Marination offer delicious food and refreshing drinks, its Alki Beach location boasts a stunning view of the city. The menu draws its inspiration from the tropical islands of Hawaii, which makes it the perfect place for a summer meal. Cool off with a shaved ice while taking in beautiful scenes of Seattle.

Pro Trip – If you plan on ordering an alcoholic beverage, then you can also place a food order at the same time. This allows you to skip the long line at the main counter.

Regardless, Marination is always worth the wait!


Revel cooks up tasty, traditional Korean plates with a modern twist. The Fremont restaurant features an outstanding deck, which makes it ideal for outdoor dining. Try to arrive early because tables fill up fast!


If you are planning a summer date night out, you really can’t go wrong with the Pink Door. This restaurant has arguably one of the most romantic patios in Seattle and provides live entertainment every night except Monday. The Italian-American cuisine is cooked using fresh, local ingredients.

Important Note: When making a reservation you need to specifically ask for patio seating.



AQUA was recognized as one of the top seafood restaurants in the United States, and you can definitely taste why. Its exceptional quality and service parallels its parent restaurant, El Gaucho. Gaze at remarkable ocean views from the large deck.


Uneeda-Burger is the place to go for top quality burgers and sides. Made with locally-produced ice cream, their shakes are a must. They have a big outdoor space right in the middle of Fremont Avenue.



This one may be my personal favorite. With a number of accolades, including a finalist position for a James Beard Award, Westward does fresh, modern food well. However, what puts it on the “Summer Must Visit” list, is its outdoor space, which includes a big bonfire, door chairs, and a boat dock!



Not only does this Seattle staple fry up awesome fish and chips, but it also offers a trio of chowders. The South Lake Union location has a large outdoor, waterfront seating area, where you can see the water up close. Admire the scenery, while enjoying some delicious seafood.

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