Adrenaline Pumping Adventures in Prague

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Prague – The name itself sounds grand, doesn’t it? Live and breathe the charm of this stunning historical city in the heart of Central Europe. Known to some as ‘The City of 100 Spires,’ Prague has a vibrant and magical atmosphere – full of beautiful castles, cathedrals, bridges and much more to see.

Explore this bohemian capital of Czech Republic starting from The Prague Castle to the worthy hourly show at the Astronomical Clock, take a look at the St. Vitus Cathedral, and everything else listed on your guidebook’s ‘Must Do’ list. However, if you are tired of sightseeing you may want to veer off the tourist track to look for something more adventurous! We did the grubby work for all the avid travelers thirsty for different types of fun. We have narrowed to our top 4 adventurous experiences in Prague. Take a look.

 #1 THE MINDMAZE – Amaze your Mind with a puzzling 60 minutes of adventure


If you are looking for a challenge that uses your mind and creative skills then MINDMAZE Prague is for you!

The popular escape room adventure offers two differently themed games that stimulate different parts of the mind. The game rooms have an immersive atmosphere; all decorations and puzzles are carefully selected to match with the theme and the story line of the game.

If you are looking for magic and mystery, then enter The Alchemist’s Chamber, which challenges the players to find the Philosopher’s Stone in less than one hour. Legend has it that in the 16th century a famous alchemist lived in Prague who in service of Emperor Rudolf II, invented the Philosopher’s stone to turn any common metal into precious gold. But he found it dangerous and too powerful to let it fall into greedy hands, so he hid it in his secret chamber that was closed for centuries. The stone is guarded by ancient secrets and surreal puzzles, so only the worthy can find it!  They were inspired by this legend at Mindmaze and have two identical Alchemist’s Chamber games in the house. What’s cool about this? If you have a bigger group, you can split into two teams and compete against each other – let’s see which team can get out faster!

If you are looking for more action and adrenalin, pick the Enigma game play where the scene is set in the World War II era.  You are assigned to a military mission to steal the blueprint of a newly developed enemy submarine that is being finalized in a secret military base behind enemy borders. Letting your squad get arrested gives you access to the headquarters quickly, but also means your squad ends up in a prison cell. Interrogation begins in 60 minutes! Use all your logic and creativity because this is your only time to get out of the prison, find the submarine plans, and escape!

The friendly and professional staff is the cherry on top of the MindMaze experience. Each of the game masters speaks English well, they explain all necessary details before the game starts, and may provide hints or small clues if needed.

The cost of one escape room adventure is a reasonable 1200 CZK (around 45 EUR) per group, regardless of the number of participants in the team – much less than if you would like to try the same fun in any capital of Western Europe. So visit MindMaze if you are up for a fun team challenge – but don’t forget to book your adventure ahead, as they can be fully booked during weekends and the summer season.

2 SEGWAY TOUR – Explore the city on wheels


Bus rides and bicycles are common ways a tourist can get to know a new place. If you are looking for a more unusual way, hop on a Segway and take a short tour through the top landmarks of the city.

The Segway tour is an exciting way to witness the beauty of Prague and the breathtaking views in a much shorter time than you could cover by foot. You can book a morning tour or an evening tour. All tours are available in various lengths, ranging from 1 to 3 hours. The Segway tour operators give proper training and gears before you start your trip. The tours usually offer a common route through the Park of Petrin, Kampa Park, Wenceslas Square, Malteze Square, John Lennon Wall, Astronomical clock, Old and New tow neighborhoods and the famous Charles Bridge. The guide will explain the rich culture and heritage of each place. The price of a Segway tour depends on the length and route you pick, but expect it to vary between 40 and 80 EUR / person.

 #3 QUAD BIKING – A must for thrill seekers


If you are a person that enjoys thrills, then head to a former military area just 40 minutes outside from the center of Prague. Quad biking is an off-road speeding adventure, pumping your adrenaline to the highest levels. This power packed adventure has everything in it, speed, thrill, races, jumps, mud, slurries, controlling and fun. You will be able to drive through the mud over ditches, artificial barriers, and over bumps.

The tour provides a pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. The track offers some really impressive speed for these powerful little monsters and is also a great off-roading experience on the rough terrain. This is epic sport requires a lot of skills and technique, control of the clutch, brake and acceleration. Mastering these skills and techniques will add a lot to the fun.

All the trainers and life guards are fluent in English and give a detailed explanation before the beginning of the race. All required racing gear and instructions are provided by the staff, which is all included in the cost of the race. More companies offer this experience in Prague with prices varying between 50 to 80 EUR per person. As the race begins, so does a test of mental and physical strength. The breathtakingly beautiful country site and challenging course make the entire experience quite eventful. Book a tour ahead and have some speedy fun across muddy hills!

 #4 SKYDIVING – Free-fall for the strong hearted adventurists


Wanna do something crazy? How about a free fall from the sky? If this excites you, you must try it in Prague. No special training is required. Just follow the simple instructions and then, JUMP!! The rising level of adrenalin during the flight, the wonderful feeling during the jump, the beauty of the free fall, a bit of shiver while the parachute opens, and finally a soft landing back on the ground, are all part of a skydive in Prague. This thrill can only be experienced between March and October as the weather conditions are not suitable during the rest of the year, due to cold and unexpected heavy foggy or rainy days.

A professional instructor is always with you during the dive to ensure you have the best experience. The event company also offers high quality videos and photos at an additional cost, which is a good thing to keep as a memory.

At a pre-decided date & time, the event company takes you to the airport and you are assigned an escort who takes care of you throughout the time with the team. You are given a sky diving suit, a special harness, and goggles for eye protection. The instructors are very friendly and have experienced over 2000 jumps.

The fall lasts about 50 seconds at speeds of 125 mph. At about 5000ft above the ground, your instructor opens the parachute and there you go! Your speed and direction of the fall is then regulated and you can enjoy a magnificent 360 degree panorama as you fly for about 7 minutes. You can try your hand at steering the chute with directions provided by the instructor.

The cost of this adventure is on the higher side of all the listed adventures, ranging from 150 to 250 EUR, but it will be a lifetime experience for sure!

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  1. I liked the article.
    I want to try all of these next month when we go to Praha but especially MindMaze.
    All my czech friends told me great things about it.

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