Carpe Noctem Then Carpe Diem with These Hangover Remedy Spots in London

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By Kayla Webb

With over 300 clubs and over a thousand bars, there’s never a dull weekend in London.  After a busy week of work, touring through London’s iconic architecture, or even partying, Friday night is where it’s at and London’s nightlife will not disappoint.  But after dancing the night away until the wee hours of the morning at EGG . . .  Or was it KOKO?  The Nest?  Colosseum?  Oh well, wherever you spent last night it must have been fantastic if the pounding in your head is any indication.  But the sun is back to being in the sky and if you want to explore more of London (and its club scene) you have to be able to function as a human.  No worries, as stellar as London’s nightlife is, its foodie culture is even stellar-er and breakfast is the first and best meal to help you get over that rager.

If you’re an early riser, even when your head is throbbing at 8 am on a Saturday, there are quite a few breakfast spots with fantastic foods that will help coax off those sunglasses (no one wants to be the person who’s wearing sunglasses inside).



You’re awake!  And just in time for the sun rise.  Well not actually, but it feels like it and since it feels like it you might as well trek up to the 40th floor of 110 Bishopsgate to eat a delicious breakfast at Duck and Waffle (open at 9am on the weekends).  If you’re craving something sweet, the Banana Brûlée waffle might just be what you need to get rid of that headache as bananas are a natural remedy.  Or if you prefer savory, the Smoked Salmon Royale waffle is to die for and salmon is another delicious and natural cure for hangovers.  If you’re not interested in waffles, Duck and Waffle has other fantastic breakfast options, but you’re going to have to get out of bed to find out for yourself.


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I mean if you’re already up this early, you might as well eat breakfast with the most spectacular views, or at least that’s what I would do.  It might be painful, but exercise helps everything, so consider taking the stairs to the 36th floor (or at least some of them) of the Sky Garden where you can enjoy a great view of London and a breakfast at Darwin Brasserie (open at 8am on Saturdays).  With more than a couple of options that will help you start the day hangover free, Darwin Brasserie has unique dishes like the Coconut Quinoa Porridge (coconuts are another yummy ingredient believed to help hangovers) and classic dishes like the Eggs Benedict (toast and eggs are a must if you want to fight off the remnants of last night) that are sure to go down easy and help you feel back to your pre-party self.



Want something more grab-and-go that will let you climb back under the covers again before noon?  E5 Bakehouse opens at 7am and has an array of croissants, pastries, and lots and lots of bread, which means lots and lots of toast.  Sometimes it’s better to nurse off a doozy in the comforts of your own home (or hotel room).

Not an early riser?  Not an issue.  Weekends are for brunch anyways.  You can kind of read the blurry 12:00 on your clock, which means some prime brunch spots are at the peak of their day, serving food guaranteed to stay down.



If you’re a caffeine addict (me), then Lantana Café is the one-stop-shop for you.  This café (serving brunch from 9am to 3pm on the weekends) brews its own special coffee and has its own fresh twist on Australian café food.  Once you have a steaming cuppa in front of you, consider ordering the Smashed Avocado Three Ways and don’t you dare say no to the side salad (avocados and leafy greens are known hangover killers) or try the Duck and Sweet Potato Hash (sweet potatoes make hangovers sweet by getting rid of them faster).



Another must for coffee enthusiasts is Caravan (open at 10 on the weekends).  With freshly roasted coffee and a menu of tasty treats that will have your roiling stomach calm, Caravan also delivers directly to your door.  So if you feel ready to brave the outside or even if you need to have an extra-long lie-in, I’d recommend checking out Caravan and ordering the coconut bread with lemon curd and rhubarb or the sweet potato and cumin waffle (reminder: coconut and sweet potatoes are good for hangovers).


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If you need to remember the good things in life, Christopher’s (serving brunch from 11:30am to 3:30 pm) is a glamorous brunch spot that can help you get over that hangover with class and poise.  With American-inspired dishes, you can’t go wrong with anything on this menu, but remember toast, eggs, avocadoes, and bananas are some of the best foods for hangovers so consider the Warm Brioche French Toast (#toastkindof) or the Huevos California (#avocadoes&eggs).  And if you’re the type to fight a hangover with more alcohol, Christopher’s has an elegant martini bar serving mimosas, bloody Mary’s, and even an espresso martini.  Or if you care about your liver, Christopher’s also serves deliciously fresh smoothies.

Yeah, its 3 in the afternoon and you’re just rolling out of bed, no judgement.  While you might have missed breakfast and brunch, there are still a couple of places open that are serving breakfast food and foods that can help stop the pounding in your head.



Despite its name, Bad Egg (open from 10am to 5pm on the weekends) is great if you want something hearty and filling.  Offering unique takes on breakfast dishes like the Breakfast Tacos, Hamburger Hash, and the Guacomole and Poached Eggs on Toast, Bad Egg will help you be ready for the day no matter what time your day begins.


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Koya Bar is open all day, literally.  Opening at 9:30 am on the weekends, Koya Bar doesn’t close until 10 or 11pm, which, if you’re a true night-liver, you know is when the real party starts.  As an udon noodle specialty restaurant, Koya Bar serves countless options of this scrumptious Japanese dish amongst other classics.  If you’re still nursing a hangover from 24 hours ago, I’d recommend anything with miso (another known hangover remedy) any hour of the day.



Wait you don’t have a hangover and its only Saturday morning?  No worries!  Morning Gloryville is a morning rave so go party it up before night arrives!

Even if you’re not interested in spending your weekend hungover, these breakfast and brunch spots located throughout London are delicious and necessary if you’re planning on eating your way to Monday.  Happy weekend!

About the Author: Kayla Webb is an English Literature and Creative Writing major at Seattle Pacific University.  After traveling abroad to Spain and Morocco as a freshmen in college, she hasn’t been able to stop dreaming about faraway places and planning a million possible trips around the world.  When she’s not in California, she lives as a blanket burrito in Seattle, creates Instagram captions for the pictures she would take in faraway places, and befriends dogs.

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