7 Barcelona Restaurants from Traditional to Modern

By Jessica Fishman


Quimet y Quimet: This is a very popular tapas bar but for good reason. The tapas is extraordinary and locals and tourists alike recognize the delicious quality and authentic atmosphere. This is not a sit down restaurant, it’s a traditional Catalan tapas bar, so diners choose from a delectable selection of small bites and open faced sandwiches and they eat them while standing.


Bar Pinotxo: This small restaurant is located right by the entrance of La Boqueria and offers delicious tapas. While it’s location may lead someone to think that it’s a tourist trap, it’s quite the opposite. Ingredients are fresh from the market and traditional dishes like croquettes and blistered padron peppers are made to perfection. This place offers counter seating only.


Monvínic: Monvínic is known throughout Barcelona as one of the best (if not the best) wine bar in town. Expertly trained sommeliers combined with modern European cuisine and a gorgeous atmosphere makes Monvínic a unique and wonderful dining experience.


Pla: Pla combines a cozy Old World ambiance with innovative contemporary cuisine. The cuisine is stunning and artful and plays off of traditional Catalan dishes with a modern twist. This place is very well known and respected but that means you may want to make reservations in advance.

Tapas 24: This tapas bar epitomizes local Barcelona culture and cuisine. The tapas isn’t exactly traditional but it perfectly captures the modern local vibe of Barcelona paired with typical flavors and ingredients like jamón ibérico, seafood, and olives. A large bustling space means dining here can sometimes feel overwhelming so try to avoid peak hours. However, the food is delicious and you’ll be rubbing elbows with locals.

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Gorria: Gorria delivers excellent traditional Basque-Navarre cuisine. This place has an outstanding reputation for upholding traditions and has been recognized as one of Barcelona’s best restaurants since it’s opening in 1977.


Bar Celta Pulperia: This small seafood restaurant is not for every tourist. There is likely no English menu and you might be the only tourist in the joint. However, if you want fresh, outstanding seafood (especially octopus) this is the place.

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