The Best Emoji’s To Use in LA

Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California shutterstock_285844490

By Kayla Webb

Sometimes words are hard, writing captions to post under pictures just seems tedious, and the time spent typing out a text just takes too long.  Thankfully: emojis.  Also thankfully, Los Angeles, the city of sunshine, stars, and endless fun, is the perfect place to use every possible emoji. There are hotspots in Los Angeles that everyone goes to, and for good reasons.  But since everyone else has gone there, what more is there to say?  Suggestion: don’t say anything, just use a sequence of emojis.



Amphora on Apple iOS 9.3Frame With Picture on Apple iOS 9.3Amphora on Apple iOS 9.3

No one uses the urn emoji enough.  So honestly why pass up an opportunity to use it?  LACMA has over 150,000 works of art from almost any era of time and of a variety of mediums and this sequence of emojis will help you express yourself like the art connoisseur you have become after your day at LACMA.

"Urban Light", by Chris Burden, at LACMA

Candle on Apple iOS 9.3Classical Building on Apple iOS 9.3Candle on Apple iOS 9.3

Depending on the crowdedness of the day you go, you might not have been able to get a hipster pic of yourself positioned perfectly between two pieces of art while inside the museum.  But the outside of LACMA is just as artsy as the inside.  A candid pic of you frolicking through the Urban Light installation wouldn’t be complete without this sequence of enlightened emojis.


View of Los Angeles from Griffith Park

Ear of Rice on Apple iOS 9.3Goat on Apple iOS 9.3Ear of Rice on Apple iOS 9.3

Whether you hike to the Hollywood sign, go on a trail ride, or trek up to the Griffith Observatory, Griffith Park is a day of outdoor fun.  Nothing screams California more than the ear of rice emoji, because golden-y dead grass is the majority of the Californian landscape.  Place the goat emoji between the ear of rice emoji, and boom, your followers will instantly understand that you climbed hills like a beast at Griffith Park.


LA Santa Monica Pier

Crab on Apple iOS 9.3Umbrella on Ground on Apple iOS 9.3Crab on Apple iOS 9.3

If you spent the day lounging on a beach towel, burning under the sun, or asking your friends to bury your legs in sand in the shape of a mermaid tail, then this sequence of emojis captures your beach-bum experience.  Plus what more of a caption do you need under a staged-candid picture of you and your friends laughing in the sunshine?

Venice beach pier - Los Angeles, United States - Seascape photog

Spiral Shell on Apple iOS 9.3Bikini on Apple iOS 9.3Spiral Shell on Apple iOS 9.3

Or maybe you braved the waves at one of LA’s many beaches. If so, then these emojis are probably more fitting.



Black Sun With Rays on Apple iOS 9.3Crown on Apple iOS 9.3Soft Ice Cream on Apple iOS 9.3

When I think Disneyland, I think of sunshine (and baking in lines), Sleeping Beauty’s castle (that I have a picture with every time I go), and the sweet treats snacked on while running to the next ride (Dole Pineapple Whips, anyone?).


Sparkles on Apple iOS 9.3Mouse Face on Apple iOS 9.3Sparkles on Apple iOS 9.3

Now that everyone has social media and has shared the same exact castle picture, the trick is to take a unique castle pic.  Adjust the focus, the location of the photo, and the candid-ness, and maybe, just maybe, magic might happen at the happiest place on earth.



Collision Symbol on Apple iOS 9.3Closed Umbrella on Apple iOS 9.3Collision Symbol on Apple iOS 9.3

There isn’t a wand emoji, which is preposterous!  But luckily there’s an umbrella emoji, which is almost the same thing as a wand emoji (@Hagrid).  If you’re a fan of the books or the movies, this fantastical amusement park is going to put you in a spell.

High Voltage Sign on Apple iOS 9.3Beer Mug on Apple iOS 9.3High Voltage Sign on Apple iOS 9.3

If this is your first time at Harry Potter World, then this is also the first time you tried butterbeer and your world will never be the same.

Crystal Ball on Apple iOS 9.3Skull on Apple iOS 9.3Comet on Apple iOS 9.3

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is magical and beautiful and perfect??  But this magic is definitely different from the magic over at Disney.  This sequence of emojis captures the Potter-esque magic and will look riddikulus-ly wizarding under your Hogwarts castle pic.



Film Projector on Apple iOS 9.3 Glowing Star on Apple iOS 9.3 Clapper Board on Apple iOS 9.3

With 2,500 stars along fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard, you’re bound to find one of your favorite stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or their name at least.  These three emojis were made to be used under a selfie next to your favorite star’s star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Aerial view of LA

World Map on Apple iOS 9.3Airplane on Apple iOS 9.3Earth Globe Europe-Africa on Apple iOS 9.3

After spending time in LA, you’re off to your next destination and you gotta keep the followers on the edge of their seat, but also have to let them know you’re on the move again.

Happy travels!

About the Author: Kayla Webb is an English Literature and Creative Writing major at Seattle Pacific University.  After traveling abroad to Spain and Morocco as a freshmen in college, she hasn’t been able to stop dreaming about faraway places and planning a million possible trips around the world.  When she’s not in California, she lives as a blanket burrito in Seattle, creates Instagram captions for the pictures she would take in faraway places, and befriends dogs.

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