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Welcome to the Utrip travel blog!

At Utrip, we want you to discover the world your way. So we created the Utrip Travel Planner, which uses your interests and budget to sort through millions of options including must-see sites, activities, events and restaurant recommendations to deliver you a personalized itinerary—in minutes!

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll find on our blog:

Local Tips and Specialties - About Utrip Travel BlogLocal Tips and Specialties

8 Cheap Eats in East London from Around the World

5 Things You Need to Know About Spanish Cuisine & Tapas Bars You Musn’t Miss

The Most Captivating Must-See Sites - About Utrip Travel BlogThe Most Captivating Must-See Sites

The Top 10 Must Beautiful Parks in Europe

10 Dessert Places to Indulge in Europe

A Taste of the Road Less Traveled - About Utrip Travel BlogA Taste of the Road Less Traveled

Paris Off the Beaten Path: Quiet Spots in the City

5 Authentic Restaurants in Rome You Won’t Find in Your Guidebook

Useful Travel Tips and Tricks - About Utrip Travel BlogUseful Travel Tips and Tricks

What to do When Your Valuables are Stolen Abroad

How to Make Your Own Vacuum Seal Bags


We hope the blog helps you find the inspiration you need to set off on the trip of a lifetime. We also hope you’ll use the Utrip Travel Planner to make the nitty gritty of trip planning a lot less stressful!


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  1. Luvin’ the whole concept and what you are doing at Utrip !! Keep it rocking. I am planning a trip to Paris right now …. can’t wait to try Utrip May 14-21 ! Cheers ! Lynne from DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE blog.

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