Barcelona City Guide

Barcelona City Guide

Barcelona Travel Tips

  • Watch your pockets in the city’s tourist hotspots. Many an oblivious soul has lost bags or wallets to the crafty thieves of Las Ramblas.
  • Though almost every local is a fluent Spanish speaker (and many know English, too) learning a few phrases of Catalan will endear you to shopkeepers, waiters, and any other proud Barcelonans you encounter.
  • Tipping is something that you can do, but you do not have to. If you opt to tip rounding up to the nearest euro or 10% is sufficient.

Top 5 Barcelona Attractions

Traditional Cuisine of Catalonia

Calçots - Utrip Barcelona City Guide

  • Escudella: hearty soup of meatballs, pasta, and vegetables
  • Coca: a pizza-like pastry that comes in sweet and savory varieties
  • Calçots: a local green onion that is typically roasted and dipped in a garlicky red-pepper sauce