Dallas City Guide

Dallas City Guide

Dallas Utrip City Guide

Dallas Travel Tips

  • Dallas is huge, we definitely recommend renting a car in order to access some of the cool local neighborhoods.
  • Dallas has the largest urban arts district in the nation. We encourage you to explore the many museums, public installations, galleries, and performance halls that the city offers.
  • The Fashion scene in Dallas is one of the biggest in the country. From the flagship Neiman Marcus to Dallas Fashion week, if you are a fashionista or big time shopper, you will love what Dallas has to offer.
  • Dallas has five major league sports teams. If you’re a sports buff you should see if there’s going to be a game while you’re town.Dallas Arts District - Utrip Dallas City Guide

Top 5 Dallas Attractions

Classic Cuisine of Dallas

  • Tex-Mex! Utrip Dallas City GuideDallas is known for their American take on classic Mexican fare. However, they also have some stellar authentic Mexican food with delicious and fresh seafood from the gulf.
  • Definitely eat some good ol’ Texan BBQ, specifically brisket.
  • Dallas’ culinary scene is thriving and has greatly expanded over the last decade. Foodie or not, we recommend trying some of Dallas’ fine dining outside of the realm of steak.
  • Steak! Steakhouses are a staple in the fine dining world of Dallas.

Notable Dallas Neighborhoods

Excellent Dallas Shopping

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