Dublin City Guide

Dublin City Guide

Dublin Travel Tips

  • The Irish take their notion of “rounds” very seriously when out at pub or bar drinking. Everyone in your group is expected to buy a round for everyone else, and turning down a drink can sometimes be implied as insulting.
  • Jaywalking through the heavy Dublin traffic is commonly practiced by locals, but it’s an art that even the most daring travelers have a hard time mastering.
  • Check your bill to make sure to service charge is included. If the tip is not included, a 10%-15% tip is sufficient. It is not compulsory to tip taxi drivers, but €1 or €2 is a nice gesture.

Utrip Dublin City Guide

Top 5 Dublin Attractions

Traditional Irish Potato Dishes

  • Utrip Dublin City GuideBoxty: a fried pancake of mashed and finely grated potato, eaten at all hours of the day.
  • Champ: mashed potatoes spiced up with green onions
  • Irish stew: lamb or (more traditionally) mutton with potatoes and carrots in a hearty broth