Granada City Guide

Granada City Guide

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Granada Travel Tips

  • Tickets to the Alhambra should be reserved at least a week in advance during the high season. If you didn’t remember to book tickets, though, you can get in line at the ticket office an hour or so before the gates open to snag one of the approximately 800 day-of tickets.
  • One of Spain’s best known cultural traditions is the siesta. Students, business owners, and professionals alike take time out of the middle of their day to rest. Don’t be alarmed when stores, restaurants, and bars lock their doors for a midday break.
  • At restaurants and bars, patiently waiting to be noticed for service will usually not get you very far. A raised hand with a loud and informative “perdone!” is acceptable/expected and will go a long way.

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Traditional Cuisine of Granada

  • Berenjenas Fritas - Utrip Granada City GuideHabas con jamón: beans stewed with cured ham, onions, and garlic
  • Berenjenas fritas: crispy fried eggplant
  • Tortilla Sacromonte: spicy omelette with savory pig organs