Los Angeles City Guide

Los Angeles City Guide

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Travel Tips

  • Traffic in LA is notorious for being some of the worst in the country. Allow extra time for travel and try to stay calm.
  • Take advantage of the great weather and the fabulous beaches. Although it does get significantly cooler in the winter, it’s still almost always beach weather, and LA has some amazing public beaches.
  • LA isn’t all Hollywood. While there are some great attractions in Hollywood, LA has a rich diversity of neighborhoods and we encourage you to explore them all.
  • See if there are any events going on before you go, LA has some world renowned music venues and performance halls that make for a great cultural experience.
  • Parking can be very tough, it’s smart to bring cash with you for valet.

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Top Los Angeles Attractions

Classic Cuisine of Los Angeles

  • Utrip Los Angeles City GuideLA is such a culturally rich city that you can expect to find just about any type of food you could imagine. From authentic Mexican, Korean, Persian, and Ethiopian food to modern California Cuisine that rivals New York for some of the most innovative and artful cuisine in the country, LA truly has it all.
  • The French Dip Sandwich was created in LA and both Philippe and Cole’s claim to be the originator of this now international favorite.

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Best Places for Live Music and Entertainment in Los Angeles

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