Miami City Guide

Miami City Guide

Miami downtown at night

Miami Travel Tips

  • Miami public transit is not the best, so we recommend taking uber, lyft, taxis, or renting a car. There are tons of neighborhoods worth visiting, so you won’t want to stay in one place. However, if you are traveling within Downtown and Brickell, try taking the free and electrically powered Metromover.
  • If you don’t mind the humidity, we recommend visiting during the summer (which is the off season) because there will be more availability at hotels and restaurants. However, the humidity in South Florida in the summer can be unbearable for some.
  • June through November is also hurricane season in Miami. Though you’ll more than likely spend your trip without a hint of a hurricane, it’s always good to be prepared.
  • Many restaurants already include a 15-20% tip in your bill, so be sure to check the check before leaving a tip.
  • There are tons of beaches in Miami that you can visit for free. However, note that the inviting lawn chairs are not free and probably belong to a hotel.
  • Some times of the year, Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish are prevalent in the waters around Miami. The tentacles from these jellyfish can be very painful but if you know how to treat your wounds, you’ll be fine. Remove the tentacles with a gloved hand. Rinse with water before liberally dousing with ammonia (not vinegar). Lifeguards will fly a flag at lifeguarding stations during these times of year to warn of beachgoers of jellyfish.
  • March is party month in Miami. Tons of events, festivals, and fairs take place in March, but this also means that hotels are more expensive and getting a reservation at the best restaurants can be tough. It’s a trade off but if you can visit during March, you’ll get to see the wild side of Miami.

aerial view of the skyline of Miami, Florida

Miami Top Attractions

miami cubanas

Miami’s Dining Scene

Caribbean and Latin American food are huge in Miami. You can find incredibly authentic cuisine from various Caribbean and Latin American countries including Cuba, Haiti, Peru, Colombia, and many more. Ceviche and all kinds of seafood as well as tasty Cuban sandwiches can be found around every corner. However, not all food is created equal. Here are some of our top picks for Caribbean and Latin American cuisine:


Favorite Miami Beaches



Epic Miami Nightclubs



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