Milan City Guide

Milan City Guide


Milan Travel Tips

  • Be on guard for theft in Milan. Oblivious tourists are the main targets for many thieves. Be wary of beggars and gangs of young children, especially near the Duomo and the main train station.
  • Milan is known as one of the greatest fashion destinations in the world. Appearance in all forms is important in Milan. Don’t feel obligated to dress up everywhere you go, but keep in mind that it’s an issue of importance for many locals.
  • Milan’s nightlife spans from about 11pm until 4am. The city is particularly well known for its 6pm city-wide “happy hour” where most all bars, restaurants and clubs are filled with people enjoying an aperitivo, which is usually a light snack and drink. This is a fun time to be out and about in Milan.

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Traditional Dishes of Milan

  • Ossobuco - Utrip Milan City GuideCotoletta alla Milanese: a breaded veal cutlet, similar to—and probably the origin of—Austria’s Wiener schnitzel
  • Ossobuco: veal shank stewed with vegetables and wine until fall-off-the-bone tender, then served with risotto and an herb garnish called gremolata
  • Busecca: thick, savory tripe and vegetable soup that is especially popular during the winter