Monaco City Guide

Monaco City Guide

Utrip Monaco City Guide

Monaco Travel Tips

  • Tipping: Similar to other European countries, service at restaurants and bars is included. You are welcome to tip your server if you feel they deserve it, but it is not expected.  Taxi drivers do not expect tips either, but rounding up is always a nice gesture. Porters and valets expect tips: a €5 note is common.
  • Attire: Monaco is one of the most luxurious and richest destinations in all of Europe. When dining out at higher end restaurants, make sure to check if a dress code exists. Going shirtless for a man anywhere besides the beach is a big taboo.
  • Language: French is the official language of Monaco. Italian and English are also widely spoken. That said, it’s a good idea to brush up on your simple French before traveling here as not everyone speaks English.

Top 5 Monaco Attractions

Traditional Cuisine of Monaco

  • Fougasse - Utrip Monaco City GuideStocafi: a bread pocket stuffed with fish, olives, and a garlicky tomato sauce
  • Fougasse: the French adaptation of Italian focaccia, decorated with nuts
  • Barbagiuan: puff pastry stuffed with spinach and cheese