Munich City Guide

Munich City Guide

Church of our Dear Lady in Munich at dusk - Munich City Guide

Hofgarten - park in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Flowers, fountain and a gazebo. - Utrip Munich City Guide

Top 5 Munich Attractions

Marienplatz - Utrip Munich City Guide

Bavaria’s Best WurstsPhoto Takeaway via wikimedia commons

  • Weißwurst: a white veal and bacon sausage, dipped in sweet mustard and eaten as a midmorning snack
  • Bierwurst: smoked sausage flavored with black pepper, paprika, and mustard
  • Blutwurst: succulent blood sausage, usually served in slices

Munich Travel Tips

  • If you’re entering a packed restaurant or bar, feel free to grab those extra seats at an already occupied table. It’s customary in Germany for strangers to sit and share a table with other strangers. At first it may seem strange and a bit awkward but you will soon realize it’s perfectly comfortable.
  • Remember that most Münchners have been drinking beer practically since the day they were born. Try not to get into any chugging contests with the locals.
  • Munich’s museums are some of the best in the world, and big crowds are a symptom of that. Go as early as you can to miss the rush.